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DirecTV Sued By Washington State

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thomst writes “A week ago, Rob McKenna, the Attorney General of Washington State, filed suit against DirecTV, alleging 16 counts of unfair, deceptive, and unethical business practices. The charges include failure to disclose important contract information (such as early termination fees, ‘service maintenance’ fees, and rebate terms), misrepresentation, ‘negative option’ billing, ‘unconscionable enforcement of contract to which there has been no mutual consent,’ failure to honor promotional offers, and ‘imposing charges when no service has been provided.’ The complaint is available online (PDF). MSNBC’s Bob Sullivan states that McKenna’s office received 375 complaints against DirecTV in the 11.5 months before he filed suit, and 59 additional complaints in the 24 hours immediately after the filing was announced. Sullivan’s story also states, ‘McKenna said he’d been working with DirecTV for months in an attempt to avoid a court battle, and he was surprised DirecTV refused to change its business practices voluntarily.’”

Source: DirecTV Sued By Washington State

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