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Best Open Source Business Tools?

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An anonymous reader writes “My wife and I started an S Corp in 2009 mainly to provide small scale consulting services for friends with small businesses of their own (we build them websites and do odd technical jobs). Now that the year is closing I’m giving thought to our corporate tax filings which will be due March 15th. I’ve scoured the web for free/open source legal templates for hiring contractors, issuing W-2s, keeping shareholder minute meetings, etc, but haven’t been able to find any decent sources. It seems like this should be a priority of the open source community since reducing the cost of entry into small business could drive open source development. What are the best sources of open source legal templates, tax filing software, corporate compliance templates, etc?” What experiences have others had with open sources businesses and the best way to consolidate the necessary corporate mojo into a workable model?

Source: Best Open Source Business Tools?

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