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Call To "Open Source" AIG Investigation

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VValdo writes “As you may recall, the citizens of the US shelled out about $85 billion to bail out AIG and its creditors (Goldman Sachs in particular) last year. But as 80% owners of AIG, we still don’t know what happened, exactly. That may change. In a new op-ed piece, former prosecutors (including former NY governor Eliot Spitzer) are calling for the US Treasury to force AIG to release its treasure-trove of emails to the public before allowing AIG to ‘break free’ of our control. As the prosecutors put it, ‘By putting the evidence online, the government could establish a new form of “open source” investigation. Once the documents are available for everyone to inspect, a thousand journalistic flowers can bloom, as reporters, victims and angry citizens have a chance to piece together the story.’ Good idea?”

Source: Call To "Open Source" AIG Investigation

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