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Heavy Rain Previews Show Promise

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As the February release date for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain nears, several publications have gotten a chance for some hands-on time with the game and seem to be intrigued by what they saw. Quoting the Opposable Thumbs blog: “The game grabs you during the quiet moments where nothing ‘happens.’ When you look at a picture your child drew. When you’re questioning someone about a crime. When you’re trying to figure out how to react to a violent situation. The preview we were sent put me in different situations as I played a small handful of characters, and each one provided a few tiny moments that were surprising in terms of storytelling or subtlety.” Eurogamer’s previewer had a similar reaction: “To my great delight as well — Heavy Rain isn’t a mature game because it has unhappy families and moody lighting, it’s a mature game because it anticipates an adult response from the player and is prepared to receive it.”

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