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The Trial of Terry Childs Begins

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snydeq writes “Opening arguments were heard today in the trial against IT admin Terry Childs, who was arrested 18 months ago for refusing to hand over passwords to the San Francisco city network. InfoWorld’s Paul Venezia, who has been following the case from the start, speculates that the 18-month wait is due to the fact that ‘the DA has done no homework on the technical issues in play here and is instead more than willing to use the Frankenstein offense: It’s different, so it must be killed.’ On the other hand, the city — which has held Childs on $5 million bail despite having already dropped three of the four charges against him — may have finally figured out ‘just how ridiculous the whole scenario is but is too far down the line to pull back the reins and is continuing with the prosecution just to save face,’ Venezia writes. The trial is expected to last until mid-March. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, to whom Childs eventually gave the city’s network passwords, will be included in the roster of those who will testify in the case — one that could put all admins in danger should Childs be found guilty of tampering.”

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