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NetBSD: Bankrupt Software Distribution

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Hot on the heels of their NetBSD 5.0.1 release, the NetBSD organization is gearing up for NetBSD 6.0, due in about half a year (“The sixth major release for the six month of 2010!”).To make that happen, NetBSD is asking its industry partners, users, and anyone with spare change to contribute US$60,000. Matt Thomas, of NetBSD’s core group, says the money will allow for “network performance improvements and embedded and realtime optimization,” meaning NetBSD can finally move onto specialized hardware, an area NetBSD has struggled with in the past.But is the ultimate goal of $60,000 appropriate for the BSD family’s middle child? Is NetBSD a good long-term investment of that kind of money? Is NetBSD even worth the nearly $8,000 raised so far? Why invest in a bankrupt operating system?[http://www.trollaxor.com/2009/12/netbsd-bankrupt-software-distribution.html]

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