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"Loud Commercial" Legislation Proposed In US Congress

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Hackajar writes “Have you ever caught yourself running for the volume control when a TV commercial comes on? Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) has, and is submitting legislation that would require TV commercials in the US to stay at volume levels similar to the programming they are associated with. From the article: ‘Right now, the government doesn’t have much say in the volume of TV ads. It’s been getting complaints ever since televisions began proliferating in the 1950s. But the FCC concluded in 1984 there was no fair way to write regulations controlling the “apparent loudness” of commercials.’”

Source: "Loud Commercial" Legislation Proposed In US Congress

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  • Cashat3

    I’m constantly running to turn the television down during commercials. I mostly just fast forward through them, but if it’s live, it’s impossible! The purpose of making the commercials louder than the program is to get people to listen. I’m either fast forwarding it or turning it down! If I weren’t in such a hurry to turn the tv down, I might pay more attention to the message of the commercial. Wrong advertising gimmick!


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