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Cybersecurity Czar Job Is Useless, Says Spafford

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Trailrunner7 writes “It’s been about seven months since Obama announced his plan to hire a cybersecurity coordinator, and the job is still vacant. Several prominent security experts have turned the position down, and in an interview on Threatpost, Purdue professor Gene Spafford says that the position is pointless. ‘It won’t have any statutory authority. It won’t have any budgetary authority. That does not give it much authority of any kind. So when I hear that there are supposedly people who have been interviewed for this cyber coordinator job and didn’t take it, I’m not surprised. It’s not a winning position. I’m not at all surprised by the fact that it’s empty. That position is a blame-taking position,’ Spafford said.”

Source: Cybersecurity Czar Job Is Useless, Says Spafford

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