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Broadband Rights & the Killer App of 1900

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newscloud writes “Tech writer Glenn Fleishman compares the arguments against affordable, high speed, broadband Internet access in each home to arguments made against providing for common access to electricity in 1900 e.g. “…electric light is not a necessity for every member of the community. It Is not the business of any one to see that I use electricity, or gas, or oil in my house, or even that I use any form of artificial light at all.” Says Fleishman, “Electricity should go to people who had money, not hooked up willy-nilly to everyone…Like electricity, the notion of whether broadband is an inherent right and necessity of every citizen is up for grabs in the US. Sweden and Finland have already answered the question: It’s a birthright” “

Source: Broadband Rights & the Killer App of 1900

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