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Mars Express Captures Phobos and Deimos

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westtxfun writes “The Mars Express Orbiter captured a very cool movie of Phobos and Deimos on Nov 5. Besides the ‘wow factor,’ the images will be used to refine models of the moons’ orbits. The orbiter has also captured high resolution images of Phobos back in July. ‘The images were acquired with the Super Resolution Channel (SRC) of the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC). The camera took 130 images of the moons on 5 November at 9:14 CET in a span of 1.5 minutes at intervals of 1s, speeding up to 0.5-s intervals toward the end. The image resolution is 110 m/pixel for Phobos and 240 m/pixel for Deimos — Deimos was more than twice as far from the camera. ‘”

Source: Mars Express Captures Phobos and Deimos

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