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Arrington Responds To the JooJoo, Files Suit

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itwbennett writes “Not normally ‘one to enjoy a casual read of a lawsuit,’ blogger Peter Smith admits to finding the suit Michael Arrington is filing against Fusion Garage over the JooJoo (nee CrunchPad) fascinating. ‘Skip to page 4, starting with item 11,’ says Smith. ‘At this point I don’t know what to think, Every time I get close to pretty much accepting Arrington’s story at face value, he pulls something that makes me stop and reexamine his arguments.’ For example, says Smith, in one bullet point in Arrington’s latest salvo, he calls out the press, saying ‘it is irresponsible for press to link to the pre-sale site.’ ‘This attempt to directly sway the press away from Fusion Garage really spikes my suspicion meter’ says Smith. ‘After all, Arrington is the press. If I started writing screeds advising him on what he should or should not say about a product, what would he think?’”

Source: Arrington Responds To the JooJoo, Files Suit

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