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Interactive Computer Exhibits For Ages 3-8?

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Johnny Mnemonic writes “My company has the opportunity to contribute to a children’s museum in our area. We are a technology company, so I’d like the exhibit to be computer/networking related, and to raise the awareness and understanding of how the Internet, networking, and computers work. However, children’s museums cater to a pretty young age group, 3-8 years old, so the the exhibit needs to be highly interactive, durable, tactile, and yet instructive of the concepts. Google fails to turn up any turn-key options, and, although the concepts are computer related, a computer-based exhibit tends to be too fragile and susceptible to withstand the rigors of 250 preschoolers/day. How would you design a display that meets these requirements and is still fun and educational?”

Source: Interactive Computer Exhibits For Ages 3-8?

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