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CrunchPad Being Re-branded As JooJoo

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adeelarshad82 writes to tell us that Fusion Garage seems to be ignoring the drama surrounding the “CrunchPad” and is planning to launch their “JooJoo” tablet this Friday at midnight. Unfortunately, the device will be a long way from the imagined $200 price point, weighing in at a hefty $499. “The JooJoo comes in black and has a capacitive touch screen, enough graphic power to deliver full high-definition video, offline capabilities, and a 4GB solid-state drive, though ‘most of the storage is done in the cloud,’ Rathakrishnan said. He promised 5 hours of battery life. In a demo during the webcast, the device powered on in about 10 seconds, and showed icons for web-based services like Twitter, Hulu, CNN, and Gmail, though the JooJoo will not come pre-loaded with any apps, Rathakrishnan said. Scroll through them with your finger as you would on the iPhone. In terms of the ownership drama, Rathakrishnan said that TechCrunch editor Arrington has created an ‘incomplete and distorted story.’”

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