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"Accidental" Download Sending 22-Year-Old Man To Prison

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An anonymous reader writes “Two years ago, Matthew White searched Limewire for porn. He was looking for ‘College Girls Gone Wild,’ but ended up downloading some images of child pornography. This was accidental, according to White, and he quickly deleted the images. A year later, the FBI showed up on his family’s doorstep and asked to search the computer. After thorough sleuthing, the FBI found some images ‘deep within the hard drive.’ According to White, the investigators agreed that he himself could not have accessed the files anymore. Matthew now faces 20 years in jail for possession of child pornography. On advice from his lawyer, he intends to plead guilty so that he will ‘hopefully’ end up with 3.5 years in jail, 10 years probation and a registration as a sex offender. ‘The FBI could not comment on this specific case, but said if child pornography is ever downloaded accidentally, the user needs to call authorities immediately. They may confiscate your computer, but it’s better than the alternative.’”

Source: "Accidental" Download Sending 22-Year-Old Man To Prison

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