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Why Movies Are Not Exactly Like Music

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Ars digs into the proposition that movies will go the way of the music business, and finds some reasons not to be totally gloomy about Hollywood’s immediate future. For one thing, the movie biz managed to introduce a next-generation format to follow the DVD, a trick that eluded the music crowd (anyone remember DVD-Audio? SACD?). Blu-ray isn’t making up the gap as DVD sales fall, but it is slowing the revenue decline. Perhaps the most important difference from the music business is that movies aren’t amenable to “disaggregation” — unlike CDs, which people stopped buying once they could get the individual songs they really wanted. Ars concludes: “The movie business is facing many of the same challenges that are bedeviling music, but it’s not about to go quietly into that good night — and it may not have to.”

Source: Why Movies Are Not Exactly Like Music

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