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The Cloud Ate My Homework

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theodp writes “Over at CNET, James Urquhart sings the praises of cloud computing, encouraging folks to ‘really listen to what is being said, understand how the cloud is being used, and seriously evaluate how this disruptive model will change your projects, your organization, and even your career.’ Fair enough. Over at the Google Docs Help Forum, some perplexed cloud computing users spent the month of November unsuccessfully trying to figure out why they’ve been zinged for inappropriate content. Among the items deemed inappropriate and unshareable include notes on Henry David Thoreau (“the published version of this item cannot be shared until a Google review finds that the content is appropriate”), homework assignments, high school yearbook plans, wishlists, documents containing botanical names for plants, a list of websites for an ecommerce class, and a list of companies that rent motorcycles in Canada. When it comes to support in the cloud, it kind of looks like you might get what you pay for.”

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