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Craigslist Blocks Yahoo Pipes

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Romy Maxwell posted a blog piece on Craigslist apparently shutting off access to Yahoo Pipes. Maxwell was working on a project, one of 2,111 using Craigslist as a data source, for a (non-commercial) Pipes-based mashup. He sent Craig Newmark an invitation to the alpha test, after a few rounds of friendly communication — “…as a rule of thumb, okay to use RSS feeds for noncommercial purposes.” The apparent response, 4 days later, was for Craigslist to redirect any request with an HTTP referrer of pipes.yahoo.com to the Craigslist home page. Maxwell writes: “It’s a sad day for me. I’m not too upset about my own project, as Flippity was already removing Craigslist as a data source. With the likes of eBay and Oodle not only providing open APIs but encouraging and rewarding developers, spending my time wrestling with Craigslist is just plain stupid and exhausting. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have come to that conclusion, and I wish it were different. … If Craigslist wants to keep its doors shut to the world, so be it.”

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