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Google-Microsoft Crossfire Will Hit Consumers

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theodp writes “Newsweek’s Dan Lyons doesn’t know who will be the winner in Google and Microsoft’s search battle, but that’s not stopping him from picking a loser — consumers. As we head towards a world where some devices may be free or really cheap, consumers should prepare to be bombarded by ads or pay a premium to escape them. ‘The sad truth is that Google and Microsoft care less about making cool products than they do about hurting each other,’ concludes Lyons. ‘Their fighting has little to do with helping customers and a lot to do with helping themselves to a bigger slice of the money we all spend to buy computers and surf the Internet. Microsoft wants to ruin Google’s search business. Google wants to ruin Microsoft’s OS business. At the end of the day, they both seem like overgrown nerdy schoolboys fighting over each other’s toys.’”

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