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Do You Hate Being Called an "IT Guy?"

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An anonymous reader writes “The phrase ‘IT’ is so overused, I’m not sure what it means any more. OK, maybe it’s an ego thing, but I spent a lot of years in grad school, lots of years getting good at creating software, and lots of years getting good at creating technical products and I don’t want the same label as the intern who fixes windoze. I’m looking at a tech management job at a content company that is trying to become a software company, and they refer to everything about software development, data center operations, and desktop support as ‘IT.’ I’d like to tell the CEO before I take the job that we have to stop referring to all these people as ‘IT people’ or I’m not going to be able to attract and retain the top-tier talent that is required. Am I just being petty? Should I just forget it? Change it slowly over time? These folks are really developing products, but we don’t normally call software creators ‘product developers.’ Just call them the ‘Tech Department’ or the ‘Engineering Deptartment?’”

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