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Microsoft’s Top Devs Don’t Seem To Like Own Tools

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ericatcw writes “Through tools such as Visual Basic and Visual Studio, Microsoft may have done more than any other vendor to make drag and drop-style programming mainstream. But its superstar developers seem to prefer old-school modes of crafting code. During the panel at the Professional Developers Conference earlier this month, the devs also revealed why they think writing tight, bare-metal code will come back into fashion, and why parallel programming hasn’t caught up with the processors yet.” These guys are senior enough that they don’t seem to need to watch what they say and how it aligns with Microsoft’s product roadmap. They are also dead funny. Here’s Jeffrey Snover on managed code (being pushed by Microsoft through its Common Language Runtime tech): “Managed code is like antilock brakes. You used to have to be a good driver on ice or you would die. Now you don’t have to pump your brakes anymore.” Snover also joked that programming is getting so abstract, developers will soon have to use Natal to “write programs through interpretative dance.”

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