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Telcos Want Big Subsidies, Not Line-Sharing

November 23rd, 2009 11:22 admin

It seems that a recent survey of global broadband practices by Harvard’s Berkman Center at the behest of the FCC has stirred the telecommunications hornet’s nest. Both AT&T and Verizon are up in arms about some of the conclusions (except the ones that suggest offering large direct public subsidies). “Harvard’s Berkman Center study of global broadband practices, produced at the FCC’s request, is an ‘embarrassingly slanted econometric analysis that violates professional statistical standards and is insufficiently reliable to provide meaningful guidance,’ declares AT&T. The study does nothing but promote the lead author’s ‘own extreme views,’ warns a response from Verizon Wireless. Most importantly, it ‘should not be relied upon by the FCC in formulating a National Broadband Plan,’ concludes the United States Telecom Association. Reviewing the slew of criticisms, Berkman’s blog wryly notes that the report seems to have been ‘a mini stimulus act for telecommunications lawyers and consultants.’”

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