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Interactions.org Newsdigest 20 November 2009

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– In pictures: Cern Large Hadron Collider restarts — Proton Beams Are Back on Track at Collider — Particle Beams Once Again Zooming Around the World’s Most Powerful Particle Accelerator — Europe: Proton beams circulate in Big Bang machine — CERN atom-smasher restarts after 14-month hiatus: official — CERN Successfully Brings Large Hadron Collider Back Online — Circulation of LHC Beams Could Resume in Earnest over the Weekend — Large Hadron Collider in process of restarting — Ministry’s ‘no’ to Neutrino Observatory project in Nilgiris — Circulating Beam in LHC Imminent! — Physicists Back Where They Started As Supercollider About to Circulate Beams — Future colliders: Beyond the LHC — Large Hadron Collider to be started up after fault forced year-long closure — Muon Collider – Beyond the Large Hadron Collider — Giant atom-smasher poised for restart: CERN — Q&amp amp amp A: Large Hadron Collider repairs — Russia restructures physics labs — More Scientists Treat Experiments as a Team Sport

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