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Wait For Windows 7 SP1, Support Firm Warns Users

October 30th, 2009 10:10 admin

CWmike writes “Users should wait for Microsoft to work out the bugs in Windows 7 before jumping on the new OS, computer support company Rescuecom said on Friday. ‘From the calls we’re getting, as well as our own experience in the past with all Microsoft’s operating systems, we’re recommending that people stick with their time-tested OS and wait for the dust to settle,’ said Josh Kaplan, president of Rescuecom. Citing a litany of reasons, ranging from the risk of losing data during an upgrade to tough economic times, Kaplan urged Windows users to put off upgrading to Windows 7 or buying a new PC with the operating system pre-installed. ‘There are some compelling reasons for both businesses and home users to move to Windows 7,’ Kaplan said, ‘so we’re saying “just wait for a bit.”‘ Upgrading an existing machine — whether it’s running the eight-year-old Windows XP or the much newer Vista — is particularly risky, he added, especially if users haven’t taken time to make a full backup before they migrate their machines. Some users have found that out first hand. Among the top subjects on Microsoft’s support forum is one that has put some PCs into an endless reboot loop when their owners tried to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. Microsoft has not yet come up with a solution that works for all the users who have reported the problem, sparking frustration.”

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