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Adobe and Apple Didn’t Unit Test For “Forward Date” Bugs. Do You?

January 3rd, 2013 01:38 admin View Comments


llamafirst writes “As the year flipped to 2013, we learned that Adobe and Apple don’t test for “forward date” bugs. Adobe prevented any copy of FrameMaker 10 from launching and Apple broke Do Not Disturb for the first week of 2013. Surely some more critical and safety systems also have lurking issues. Got tips for catching time/date bugs “from the mysterious future”? (also, oblig link to Falsehoods programmers believe about time)”

Source: Adobe and Apple Didn’t Unit Test For “Forward Date” Bugs. Do You?

UK Court Invalidates Motorola Message Syncing Patents

December 24th, 2012 12:07 admin View Comments


Dupple writes with news of another tech patent thrown out for obviousness. From the article: “On Friday, the High Court of London issued a ruling that said that one of Motorola’s patents covering technology to synchronize messages across several devices should be invalidated. Originally, the patent covered the synching of messages across multiple pagers, but recently Motorola has used the patent in lawsuits against Apple and Microsoft for using similar message-syncing services in iCloud and on the Xbox, respectively. The presiding Judge Richard Arnold declared Motorola’s patent invalid and said it should be revoked because the patent (which has a priority date from 1995, but was issued in 2002) contained technology that ‘was obvious to experts in the field at the time.’”

Source: UK Court Invalidates Motorola Message Syncing Patents

Linus Torvalds Delays Linux 3.7, Releases 3.7-rc8 Kernel Instead

December 4th, 2012 12:01 admin View Comments

GNU is Not Unix

hypnosec writes “The Linux 3.7 kernel has been delayed by one week as Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 3.7-rc8 instead. Because of some hiccups following the ‘resurrection of a kswapd issue,’ Torvalds wasn’t comfortable releasing version 3.7 this week and instead went ahead with another release candidate. Torvalds revealed in his release announcement that because of this delay, the merge window for Linux 3.8 will close just around Christmas time.”

Source: Linus Torvalds Delays Linux 3.7, Releases 3.7-rc8 Kernel Instead

Researchers Investigating Self-Boosting Vaccines

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An anonymous reader writes “Vaccines, contrary to opinions from the anti-science crowd, are some of the most effective tools in modern medicine. For some diseases, a single shot is all it takes for lifetime immunity. Others, though, require booster shots, to remind your immune system exactly what it should prepare to fight. Failure to get these shots threatens an individual’s health, and the herd immunity concept as well. Scientists are now looking into ‘self-boosting’ vaccines in order to fix that problem. Some viruses are capable of remaining in the body for a person’s entire lifetime. If researchers can figure out a way to safely harness these, it may be possible to add genes that would create proteins to train the immune system against not just one, but multiple other viruses (abstract). This is a difficult problem to solve; changing the way we do vaccinations will itself have consequences for herd immunity. It also hinges on finding a virus that can survive the immune system without having uncomfortable flare-ups from time to time.”

Source: Researchers Investigating Self-Boosting Vaccines

Camera Technique Captures New View of Space & Time

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kkleiner writes “What if you could compress a video clip into a single image? That’s what Jay Mark Johnson, an artist and visual effects director, has accomplished through the use of a special camera technique. He calls the images ‘photographic timelines,’ and his collected works offer quite a shift to conventional perception. Slices of photos are strung together in progression to make a single composite image of a sliver of space spread over an extended period of time.”

Source: Camera Technique Captures New View of Space & Time

Most SSDs Now Under a Dollar Per Gigabyte

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Data Storage

crookedvulture writes “SSD prices continue plummeting. In just the past quarter, street prices have fallen by double-digit percentages for most models, with some slashed by 30% or more. We’ve reached the point where the majority of drives cost less than a dollar per gigabyte, and that’s without the special coupon codes and mail-in rebates usually attached to weekly deals. Lower-capacity drives seem more resistant to deep price cuts, making 120-256GB offerings the best values right now. It’s nice to see a new class of devices go from prohibitively expensive to eminently affordable in such a relatively short amount of time.”

Source: Most SSDs Now Under a Dollar Per Gigabyte

T-Mobile Returns To Unlimited Data Plans

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New submitter kevmeister writes “Today T-Mobile decided that unlimited data plans are a good thing after all. Over a year after discontinuation, T-Mobile announced that unlimited data is coming back. ‘T-Mobile said the new unlimited data plan will cost $20 a month when added to a Value voice and text plan, and $30 a month when added to a Classic voice and text plan. … Among its top U.S. network counterparts, only Sprint offers a similar deal, and it costs about $110 a month. But Sprint offers the iPhone; T-Mobile does not. One of the new T-Mobile plan’s flaws, though, is that it cannot be used for tethering — that is, connecting multiple devices to the Internet. MetroPCS, considered the fifth-largest carrier in the U.S., made a big announcement of its own Tuesday, saying it would begin offering an unlimited everything promotional plan for $55 a month for a limited time.’”

Source: T-Mobile Returns To Unlimited Data Plans

Indian Gov’t Bans Bulk SMS, Investigating Social Media

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saiful76 writes “Following mass exodus of people belonging to north-east states India from southern states of India, specially Bangalore, allegedly due to the threatening messages, the government has asked relevant agencies to scan all social media platforms to check for inflammatory and offensive content, following which, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DIT) has issued an advisory to all intermediaries in terms of provisions of IT Act and Rules to take action for disabling all such content on priority. Cellphone operators have been told to block all bulk SMSs and videos — so nobody can send a message to more than five people at a time.”

Source: Indian Gov’t Bans Bulk SMS, Investigating Social Media

Apple Asks Court To Sanction Samsung; Samsung Fires Back; More iPhone Prototypes

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The Courts

djl4570 writes “Samsung released to the press documents that had been excluded by Judge Lucy Koh. According to Samsung ‘The judge’s exclusion of evidence on independent creation meant that even though Apple was allowed to inaccurately argue to the jury that the F700 was an iPhone copy, Samsung was not allowed to tell the full story…The excluded evidence would have established beyond doubt that Samsung did not copy the iPhone design,’ An article at another site described judge Lucy Koh as ‘Livid.’ The defendant released exculpatory evidence that had been suppressed by the judge. This after many stories in the tech press portray the case as Samsung versus Lucy Koh instead of Samsung versus Apple.” An anonymous reader sent in Groklaw’s detailed take on the spat. Related to the trial, colinneagle sent in more info revealed about iPhone prototypes. One early design would have featured shaped glass, but materials weren’t up to spec at the time.

Source: Apple Asks Court To Sanction Samsung; Samsung Fires Back; More iPhone Prototypes

Managing Human Workers With an Algorithm

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New submitter prayag writes “With the advent of crowdsourcing platforms it has become easier for people to ‘automate’ simple, yet repetitive tasks that computers aren’t good at by hiring thousands of people at once. This can help some business cheaply accomplish certain tasks, but it can also be misused by spammers. A company called MobileWorks is even outsourcing this concept, reaching out to workers in developing nations whose income needs aren’t as high. ‘Kulkarni, who founded the company in 2010 with fellow graduate students from the University of California, Berkeley, says the value of tasks is set so that workers can reasonably earn $2 to $4 an hour; payments are on a sliding scale, with lower rates for poorer countries. “Even though they are acting as agents of a computer program, we are creating an opportunity for them,” he says. MobileWorks charges its clients rates starting at $5 per hour for workers’ time.’”

Source: Managing Human Workers With an Algorithm