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Camera Technique Captures New View of Space & Time

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kkleiner writes “What if you could compress a video clip into a single image? That’s what Jay Mark Johnson, an artist and visual effects director, has accomplished through the use of a special camera technique. He calls the images ‘photographic timelines,’ and his collected works offer quite a shift to conventional perception. Slices of photos are strung together in progression to make a single composite image of a sliver of space spread over an extended period of time.”

Source: Camera Technique Captures New View of Space & Time

300 Million Year Old Insects Pictured In 3D

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New mareacaspica writes with this snippet from Nature: “Researchers have constructed 3D models of two different insects, in their nymph stage by scanning their fossils with a novel technique called X-ray microtomography. They obtained sections, two centimeters long, and from the sections constructed the models. Such fossils of juvenile insects are very rare during that ancient period, and the research could provide a better understanding not only of insects, but also other animals, as the technique develops” Original Paper.

Source: 300 Million Year Old Insects Pictured In 3D

Did Neandertals Paint Early Cave Art?

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sciencehabit writes “Dating experts working in Spain, using a technique relatively new to archaeology, have pushed dates for the earliest cave art back some 4000 years to at least 41,000 years ago, raising the possibility that the artists were Neandertals rather than modern humans. And a few researchers say that the study argues for the slow development of artistic skill over tens of thousands of years mdash; not a swift acquisition of talent, as some had argued.”

Source: Did Neandertals Paint Early Cave Art?

Microsoft Using Linux To Optimize Skype Traffic

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An anonymous reader writes “A security researcher believes that Microsoft has overhauled Skype, with thousands of Linux boxes serving as the ‘supernodes’ that route calls between users of the voice-over-IP service. Kostya Kortchinsky of Immunity Security ‘discovered the Linux supernodes using a Skype probing technique he and colleague Fabrice Desclaux first demonstrated in 2006,’ according to Ars Technica. The drastic infrastructure change doesn’t affect the peer-to-peer nature of the calls between Skype users.”

Source: Microsoft Using Linux To Optimize Skype Traffic

How Lasers Could Help Fingerprint Conflict Minerals

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New submitter carmendrahl writes “Diamonds might get most of the media’s attention, but they’re not the only minerals being sold to underwrite militias. Two chemistry teams are developing portable instruments that can detect an elemental fingerprint in mineral ores, to verify that the samples don’t come from militia-controlled mines. One technique uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (PDF), which vaporizes a small amount of an ore sample with a high-energy laser pulse, and detects elements in the sample by their characteristic light emission. The other technique couples the laser ablation to a mass measurement and a scanning electron microscope.”

Source: How Lasers Could Help Fingerprint Conflict Minerals

New Technique For Mass-Producing Microbots Inspired By Origami

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Zothecula writes “Inspired by origami and children’s pop-up books, Harvard engineers have pioneered a means of mass-producing bee-sized flying microrobots. The breakthrough mechanizes the already state-of-the art process of making Harvard’s Mobee robots by hand, by mass producing flat assemblies by the sheet which can be folded and assembled in a single movement. The technique, which cunningly exploits existing machinery for making printed circuit boards, can theoretically be applied to a multitude of electromechanical machines.”

Source: New Technique For Mass-Producing Microbots Inspired By Origami

Stealing Smartphone Crypto Keys Using Radio Waves

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coondoggie writes “Encryption keys on smartphones can be stolen via a technique using radio waves, says one of the world’s foremost crypto experts, Paul Kocher, whose firm Cryptography Research will demonstrate the hacking stunt with several types of smartphones at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco next month.”

Source: Stealing Smartphone Crypto Keys Using Radio Waves

Table Salt Could Help Boost HDD Storage Density By a Factor of 5

October 14th, 2011 10:25 admin View Comments

Data Storage

hypnosec writes “A team of researchers has managed to boost storage density on traditional magnetic platters as high as 3.3 terabits per square inch using a technique that relies on NaCl — table salt. (Comparatively, a recent 4TB Seagate drive had an areal density of 625Gb per square inch.) A research team used a technique called nanopatterning to create arrays of magnetic bits that have more regular features (PDF) than the current traditional, randomly distributed technique. Team leader Joel Yang compares the technique to a well known traveling trick; ‘It’s like packing your clothes in your suitcase when you travel. The neater you pack them the more you can carry.’ Yang said, ‘In the same way, the team of scientists has used nanopatterning to closely pack more of the miniature structures that hold information in the form of bits, per unit area.’”

Source: Table Salt Could Help Boost HDD Storage Density By a Factor of 5

Encoding Messages In Bacteria

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sciencehabit writes “Researchers have invented a new form of secret messaging using bacteria that make glowing proteins only under certain conditions. In addition to being useful to spies, the new technique could also allow companies to encode secret identifiers into crops, seeds, or other living commodities.”

Source: Encoding Messages In Bacteria

New Gene Sequencing Technique Opens the Doors for Studying Elusive Bacteria

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