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HP To Cut 30,000 Jobs

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Axolotl_Rose writes with news that Hewlett-Packard is preparing to cut around 30,000 jobs, close to 10% of its total workforce. CEO Meg Whitman reportedly wants to use that money instead for new products and for bolstering the sales force. From the NY Times: “China, which is one of H.P.’s highest growth areas, will probably be spared, as will its research and development efforts. Ms. Whitman, who became H.P.’s chief executive last September, ‘is trying to build a new company,’ one senior executive said of the job cuts. ‘You can count this as a part of that.’ The final plan is expected to be announced on Wednesday, when H.P. announces earnings for its second fiscal quarter. Considered a slow-moving giant in the tech industry, H.P. had revenue of $127 billion in fiscal 2011, but net earnings of just $7.1 billion. While it has a leading position in the sales of low-margin personal computers, H.P. has been late or unsuccessful in many recent tech trends like providing cloud computing services for big companies and smartphones and tablet computers.” An article at Forbes suggests HP should instead ‘retool’ those jobs by recruiting makers and hackers, TED conference speakers, and others who have experience building and inventing things.

Source: HP To Cut 30,000 Jobs

Newspapers Pollute Less On E-Readers and Tablets

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bobwyman writes “It seems counter-intuitive but a RAND full lifecycle analysis (PDF) shows that reading news electronically produces fewer GHG emissions than reading news on paper: ‘Adopting e-readers could reduce GHG emissions from publishing and distributing newspapers by 74 percent; using tablet computers could result in a 63 percent reduction, assuming that all the GHG emissions associated with producing and operating e-readers or tablet computers are ascribed to reading newspapers. If a more realistic assumption is adopted, that the emissions associated with these devices should be spread across other activities pursued on these devices, the difference would be on the order of 84 to 89 percent less, respectively.’”

Source: Newspapers Pollute Less On E-Readers and Tablets

Army Plots Its Smartphone Strategy

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gManZboy writes What kind of smartphone should a soldier have? Ahead of the impending expiration of two communications contracts, the Army’s 5th Signal Command is prepping for the possibility of buying thousands of mobile devices. An RFI asks for BlackBerrys, ‘emerging smartphones included but not limited to 4G devices such as Androids [and] iPhones,’ tablet computers, and wireless broadband access devices. Also in the Army mobile vision: an apps marketplace.”

Source: Army Plots Its Smartphone Strategy

Using Tablets Becoming Popular Bathroom Activity

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alphadogg says “With the market flush with hot-selling tablet computers, it shouldn’t bowl anyone over to learn that many users are taking the plunge and bringing their devices to the bathroom. According to a new survey published by Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples Inc., 35% of tablet users copped to using their iPad or other tablets while in the bathroom, while a whopping 78% of tablet users said they used their tablets while lying in bed. And in a data point sure to further damage techies’ reputation for social skills, Staples Advantage also reported that 30% of tablet users said they used their tablets while at restaurants.”

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Cybercriminals Shifting Focus To Non-Windows OSes

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Orome1 writes “In a major cybercrime turning point, scammers have begun shifting their focus away from Windows-based PCs to other operating systems and platforms, including smart phones, tablet computers, and mobile platforms in general, according to the a new Cisco report. The report also finds that 2010 was the first year in the history of the Internet that spam volume decreased, that cybercriminals are investing heavily in “money muling,” and that users continue to fall prey to myriad forms of trust exploitation.”

Source: Cybercriminals Shifting Focus To Non-Windows OSes

Forrester Forecasts One Third Of U.S. Online Consumers Will Own A Tablet By 2015

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Last year, Apple created a new category of computing with the iPad. Now, every other PC manufacturer is rushing to revamp or bring out their own tablet computers. New tablets are expected to dominate at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Forrester Research put out a new forecast this morning for the growth of tablet computers. It expects the number of tablets sold in the U.S. to go from 10.3 million last year to 24.1 million in 2011, and growing to 44 million in annual units sold by 2015.

At that point, by 2015 it projects that 82 million people in the U.S. will own some sort of tablet, or a full one third of the online population. Apple will still command a “lion’s share” of the market, at least through 2012.

I’m sure this forecast will change in six months time (just look at Forrester’s overly-conservative tablet forecast from six months ago), but I do agree that touch computing is with us to stay.

Source: Forrester Forecasts One Third Of U.S. Online Consumers Will Own A Tablet By 2015

Amazon To Bring Newspapers & Magazines, ‘Lending For Kindle’ Feature To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Amazon Kindle app

If you are a regular user of the Kindle app for the iPhone or iPad, you will be aware that the application is currently limited to books and that access to periodicals like newspapers and magazines are not available.

That could soon change. In an announcement on the Amazon Kindle forum, the company has informed their customers that they shall soon be able to read Kindle periodicals on the free Kindle app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Amazon notes that this new update is in line with their vision to make it possible for their customers to buy once and be able to read from everywhere. The popular ecommerce giant is expected to launch the new functionality for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the coming weeks.

Amazon has also revealed yet another interesting functionality for Kindle users. The company will be introducing a new "lending for Kindle" functionality that will enable users to lend their Kindle books to friends and family members for a 14 day period. These users shall be able to access the borrowed books from either a Kindle device or from an app installed on their iPhone, iPad or other supported devices. The new feature will simulate a real book-borrowing experience whereby it will not be possible for the original buyer to read the book on their device for the period it has been lent. This feature is expected to be launched later this year. Amazon however points out that not all ebooks will be lendable and that it is up to the book publisher to decide whether or not to enable lending for their publications.

The two announcements come at an interesting time when Amazon has been facing tight competition from rival eReader manufacturers like Barnes & Noble. More importantly, the opening up of Kindle periodicals to free apps on the iPhone and iPad is likely to impact the sale of the Kindle eReader. The decision is thus a possible indication of the fact that more and more users are moving away from dedicated e-readers to more generic tablet computers like the iPad. This change in consumer preference is likely to have inspired Amazon's latest offering.

What do you think about the two new features?

[via Amazon Kindle Forums]

Source: Amazon To Bring Newspapers & Magazines, ‘Lending For Kindle’ Feature To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Canonical Developing Ubuntu OS For Tablets

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snydeq writes “Canonical is preparing a version of the Ubuntu OS for tablet computers as the company looks to extend its presence in the mobile space, InfoWorld reports. The OS will be a lightweight version of Linux with a simplified, touch-friendly user interface, and tablets with the Ubuntu OS could become available late in winter 2011. The focus will be on developing an OS with a simplified user interface that provides quick access to the most-used applications. Development efforts will also focus on adding on-screen keyboard features and compatibility for multitouch drivers.”

Source: Canonical Developing Ubuntu OS For Tablets

Five Top Publishers Plan Rival to Kindle Format

December 9th, 2009 12:36 admin View Comments

eldavojohn writes “Time Inc., News Corp., Conde Nast, Hearst Corp., and Meredith Corp. are teaming up to create a digital newsstand and somewhat open format that ‘can render our content beautifully on those devices that come to market’ instead of the gray inked Kindle’s energy conscious display. Devices are being made for the new format with the launch coming next year. The format will also target smart phones and tablet computers. Will this pose a threat at all to the Kindle?”

Source: Five Top Publishers Plan Rival to Kindle Format