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How Syria’s Rebels Communicate In the Face of Internet Shutdown

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jamaicaplain writes “In an extensive look at rebel communications, the New York Times reports that, ‘In a demonstration of their growing sophistication and organization, Syrian rebels responded to a nationwide shutdown of the Internet by turning to satellite technology to coordinate within the country and to communicate with outside activists. To prepare, they have spent months smuggling communications equipment like mobile handsets and portable satellite phones into the country.’”

Source: How Syria’s Rebels Communicate In the Face of Internet Shutdown

Satellite Phone Encryption Cracked

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New submitter The Mister Purple writes “A team of German researchers appears to have cracked the GMR-1 and GMR-2 encryption algorithms used by many (though not all) satellite phones. Anyone fancy putting a cluster together for a listening party? ‘Mr. Driessen told The Telegraph that the equipment and software needed to intercept and decrypt satellite phone calls from hundreds of thousands of users would cost as little as $2,000. His demonstration system takes up to half an hour to decipher a call, but a more powerful computer would allow eavesdropping in real time, he said.’”

Source: Satellite Phone Encryption Cracked

SatPhones — Why Can’t They Make It Work?

December 13th, 2010 12:19 admin View Comments

RedEaredSlider writes “Satellite phones aren’t as clunky as they once were, and technology has made them more powerful. Gone are the days when satellite phones had to be accompanied by a suitcase. Yet to date, the field is littered with bold attempts at a phone that could be used anywhere, without depending on earthbound cell phone networks. Billions have been invested, with relatively little to show for it. Part of the answer is debt. TerreStar is only the latest casualty of a crushing $1.2 billion debt load. The company introduced its Genus phone last month, but is in the middle of Chapter 11 proceedings. It’s unclear that the phone will sell enough to help TerreStar stay in business, especially when it carries a $799 price tag.”

Source: SatPhones — Why Can’t They Make It Work?

Blackberry Gives India Access To Servers

August 13th, 2010 08:33 admin View Comments

Meshach writes “As happened earlier in Saudi Arabia Blackberry has reached a deal that allows Indian authorities access to the transmissions of hand held devices. Much of the fear comes from worries about terrorists: Pakistani-based militants used mobile and satellite phones in the 2008 attacks that killed 166 people in Mumbai.”

Source: Blackberry Gives India Access To Servers

Tech NGOs Working In Haiti

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d5w writes “There are a thousand and one NGOs responding in some way to the disaster in Haiti, but the necessary infrastructure is usually overlooked when people give charity donations. In fact, some popular donation sites actively downgrade charities for spending on infrastructure. Here are two organizations responding in Haiti, though, that have a purely tech infrastructure focus: Télécoms Sans Frontières brings mobile telecom rigs and satellite phones to disaster sites, making sure that responders on the ground can communicate with each other and that individuals can contact families abroad; here’s an eWeek story about TSF. MapAction sends experienced GIS people and GPS equipment to provide up-to-date mapping, which is important when the landscape has just changed drastically. Any others?”

Source: Tech NGOs Working In Haiti