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Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Off Alaskan Coast

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This morning at 08:58 UTC a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck off the coast of southeastern Alaska. The depth was just shy of 10km. The quake occurred roughly 106km from the city of Craig and about 341km from the capital city of Juneau. A tsunami warning was issued shortly after the quake, but later canceled when it became apparent that sea level changes would be minor, with no widespread destructive wave. The observed tsunami was no more than six inches high. The earthquake was felt on land, shaking houses and tossing objects to the floor, but as yet there are no reports of injuries. The U.S. Geological Survey said, ‘At the location of this earthquake, the Pacific plate is moving approximately northwestward with respect to the North America plate at a velocity of 51 mm/yr. This earthquake is likely associated with relative motion across the Queen Charlotte fault system offshore of British Columbia, Canada, which forms the major expression of the Pacific:North America plate boundary in this region. The surrounding area of the plate boundary has hosted 8 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater over the past 40 years.”

Source: Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Off Alaskan Coast

7.7 Magnitude Quake Hits British Columbia

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schwit1 writes A magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit Canada’s Pacific coast province of British Columbia on Saturday night, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quake was centered 123 miles south-southwest of Prince Rupert at a depth of 6.2 miles. ‘Earthquakes Canada said the quake in the Haida Gwaii region has been followed by numerous aftershocks as large as 4.6 and said a small tsunami has been recorded by a deep ocean pressure sensor. “It was felt across much of north-central B.C., including Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Quesnel, and Houston. There have been no reports of damage at this time,” the agency said in a statement on its website’”

Source: 7.7 Magnitude Quake Hits British Columbia

Scientists Who Failed to Warn of Quake Found Guilty of Manslaughter

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The Courts

An anonymous reader notes that the BBC reports “Six Italian scientists and an ex-government official have been sentenced to six years in prison over the 2009 deadly earthquake in L’Aquila. A regional court found them guilty of multiple manslaughter. Prosecutors said the defendants gave a falsely reassuring statement before the quake, while the defence maintained there was no way to predict major quakes. The 6.3 magnitude quake devastated the city and killed 309 people.” The scientists were first charged more than two years ago.

Source: Scientists Who Failed to Warn of Quake Found Guilty of Manslaughter

Scientists Link Deep Wells To Deadly Spanish Quake

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Meshach writes “Research has suggested that human activity triggered an earthquake in Span that killed nine and injured over three hundred. Drilling deeper and deeper wells to water crops over the past 50 years were identified as the culprit by scientist who examined satellite images of the area. It was noted that even without the strain caused by water extraction, a quake would likely have occurred at some point in the area but the extra stress of pumping vast amounts of water from a nearby aquifer may have been enough to trigger a quake at that particular time and place.”

Source: Scientists Link Deep Wells To Deadly Spanish Quake

Scientists Use Enormous Flywheel To Slam Rocks Together, Simulating a Quake

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Quake 3 Source Code Review

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An anonymous reader writes “id Software has a history of releasing the source code for their older games under the GPL. Coder Fabien Sanglard has been taking it upon himself to go through each of these releases, analyze the source code, and post a detailed write-up about it. He’s now completed a review of the Quake 3 source code, diving into the details of idTech3. It’s an interesting read — he says he was impressed in particular by the ‘virtual machines system and the associated toolchain that altogether account for 30% of the code released. Under this perspective idTech3 is a mini operating system providing system calls to three processes.’”

Source: Quake 3 Source Code Review

QuakeForge 0.6.0 Released In Time For Christmas

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Bill Currie writes “After many years, QuakeForge 0.6.0 has finally been released, just in time for the 12th anniversary of the release of the Quake source code. Happy birthday, GPL Quake. Merry Christmas, Quake fans.” The release page shows a few 0.5.99 beta releases made starting earlier this month, the first since 2004. Sometime in that void of time development moved to git, and there has quite a bit of work going on in the main tree.

Source: QuakeForge 0.6.0 Released In Time For Christmas

Doom 3 Source Released

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First Person Shooters (Games)

An anonymous reader writes “Just like Quake 3 before it, the Doom 3 source code has been released to the public (minus rendering of stencil shadows via the ‘depth fail’ method, a functionality commonly known as ‘Carmack’s Reverse’).”

Source: Doom 3 Source Released

Oklahoma Hit By Its Strongest-Ever Recorded Quake

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First time accepted submitter Wheelie_boy writes “No word yet on hell freezing over, but Oklahoma experienced a 5.6 magnitude earthquake early Sunday morning. This is the largest quake ever recorded in the state. Only minor damage and no casualties have been reported.”

Source: Oklahoma Hit By Its Strongest-Ever Recorded Quake

Raspberry Pi Running Quake 3

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First time accepted submitter phonewebcam writes “Here’s something to liven up your weekend: a video of the Raspberry Pi running Quake 3. We’re still working on ironing a few kinks out (specifically, there seems to be a library issue which means our framerate, while good, isn’t quite as spectacular as we know it can be; we’re working on it as I post this) – but this is what test boards are for, and we’re making great progress getting the boards running smoothly.”

Source: Raspberry Pi Running Quake 3