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Michael E. Mann Sues For Defamation Over Comparison To Jerry Sandusky

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eldavojohn writes “The global warming debate has left much to be desired in the realm of logic and rationale. One particular researcher, Michael E. Mann, has been repeatedly attacked for his now infamous (and peer reviewed/independently verified) hockey stick graph. It has come to the point where he is now suing for defamation over being compared to convicted serial child molester Jerry Sandusky. Articles hosted by defendants and written by defendant Rand Simberg and defendant Mark Steyn utilize questionable logic for implicating Michael E. Mann alongside Jerry Sandusky with the original piece, concluding, ‘Michael Mann, like Joe Paterno, was a rock star in the context of Penn State University, bringing in millions in research funding. The same university president who resigned in the wake of the Sandusky scandal was also the president when Mann was being (whitewashed) investigated. We saw what the university administration was willing to do to cover up heinous crimes, and even let them continue, rather than expose them. Should we suppose, in light of what we now know, they would do any less to hide academic and scientific misconduct, with so much at stake?’ Additionally, sentences were stylized to blend the two people together: ‘He has molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science that could have dire economic consequences for the nation and planet.’ One of the defendants admits to removing ‘a sentence or two’ of questionable wording. Still, as a public figure, Michael E. Mann has an uphill battle to prove defamation in court.”

Source: Michael E. Mann Sues For Defamation Over Comparison To Jerry Sandusky

Judge Preserves Privacy of Climate Scientist’s Emails

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ananyo writes “Climate scientist Michael Mann reported Monday that he and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville have prevailed in a court case against the conservative American Tradition Institute (ATI), which had sought access to emails he wrote while serving as a professor at the school from 1999-2005.
Now at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Mann says the ruling supports the University of Virginia’s argument than an exemption to the state’s freedom-of-information law ‘applies to faculty communications in furtherance of their work.’ The Prince William County Circuit Court ruling came directly from the bench in and was not immediately available online.
The Virgina Supreme Court tossed out a case against Mann in March. The state’s conservative attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, had, among other things, demanded access to the climatologist’s emails, arguing that Mann might have manipulated data and thus defrauded the government in applying for scientific grants.”

Source: Judge Preserves Privacy of Climate Scientist’s Emails

US Carbon Emissions Hit 20-Year Low

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Freddybear writes “A recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Agency says that U.S. carbon emissions are the lowest they have been in 20 years, and attributes the decline to the increasing use of cheap natural gas obtained from fracking wells. Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, said the shift away from coal is reason for ‘cautious optimism’ about potential ways to deal with climate change. He said it demonstrates that ‘ultimately people follow their wallets’ on global warming. ‘There’s a very clear lesson here. What it shows is that if you make a cleaner energy source cheaper, you will displace dirtier sources,’ said Roger Pielke Jr., a climate expert at the University of Colorado.”

Source: US Carbon Emissions Hit 20-Year Low

Virginia High Court Rejects Case Against Climatologist Michael Mann

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ananyo writes “The Virgina Supreme Court on Friday tossed out an investigation by the state’s conservative attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, into Michael Mann, the former University of Virginia climatologist whose work on the now-famous hockey-stick graph has become a lightning rod for climate skeptics. ‘In a dense and conflicted 26-page ruling (PDF) covering a century and a half of case law — including references to kings as well as modern “functional incongruities” that divided the judges themselves — Virginia’s high court ruled that the university is not a “person” and thus is not subject to Cuccinelli’s demands under the state’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act.’ The ‘climategate’ scientist has been cleared of wrongdoing by a number of investigations.”

Source: Virginia High Court Rejects Case Against Climatologist Michael Mann

Michael Mann Vindicated (Again) Over Climategate

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An anonymous reader writes “Michael Mann, a climatologist at Pennsylvania State University, was one of the central figures involved in the ‘Climategate’ controversy, which saw many private email conversations between researchers posted publicly. Now, an investigation (PDF) by the National Science Foundation has found “no basis to conclude that the emails were evidence of research misconduct or that they pointed to such evidence.” Phil Plait points out that other investigations have found similarly that claims of Mann’s misconduct took his statements out of context. ‘A big claim by the deniers is that researchers were using “tricks” to falsify conclusions about global warming, but the NSF report is pretty clear that’s not true. The most damning thing the investigators could muster was that there was “some concern” over the statistical methods used, but that’s not scandalous at all; there’s always some argument in science over methodology. The vague language of the report there indicates to me this isn’t a big deal, or else they would’ve been specific. The big point is that the data were not faked.’”

Source: Michael Mann Vindicated (Again) Over Climategate

Virginia AG Probing Michael Mann For Fraud

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eldavojohn writes “Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has requested receipts and research documents relating to nearly half a million dollars in state taxpayer money used to conduct climate change research at the University of Virginia while under direction of Michael Mann. Originator of the famous 2001 IPCC Hockey Stick graph depicting rapid climate change, Mann appears to be a prime target for Cuccinelli — who has also requested hearings with EPA to contest the grounds of their carbon dioxide studies. Mann’s expenditures of taxpayer money may become problematic if Cuccinelli finds violations of Virginia’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act. Cuccinelli has been active in pushing conservative views in the past, including an effort to remove the titillating mammary from the beloved Great Seal of Virginia. No end in sight for the politicizing of the science and research surrounding climate change.”

Source: Virginia AG Probing Michael Mann For Fraud

ClimateGate Inquiry: No Scientific Misconduct From “Squeaky Clean” Researchers

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Planet earthMonths after the hack heard ’round the world, the independent review is finished. A panel of 11 led by the University of Oxford’s Lord Oxburgh investigated the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, whose researchers were accused of manipulating data based on information gleaned from thousands of stolen emails. The panel’s conclusion: The scientists did not intentionally distort the truth, though their statistical rigor leaves something to be desired.

“We saw no evidence of any deliberate scientific malpractice in any of the work of the Climatic Research Unit and had it been there we believe that it is likely that we would have detected it,” says the Oxburgh report. “Rather we found a small group of dedicated if slightly disorganised researchers who were ill-prepared for being the focus of public attention” [Nature]. This conclusion came after interviewing people within the organization and combing through the data in 11 of the center’s peer-reviewed papers published over the span of 22 years.

Oxburgh found the researchers “squeaky clean” in terms of their intentions—and that’s what this was, an investigation of the scientist’s integrity, not their results. But, the panel found their methods to be somewhat lacking. Specifically, the report says, “We cannot help remarking that it is very surprising that research in an area that depends so heavily on statistical methods has not been carried out in close collaboration with professional statisticians.” The university issued its own statement after the Oxburgh report’s release, including this response to the charge that they didn’t use the best statistical methods available:

Specialists in many areas of research acquire and develop the statistical skills pertinent to their own particular data analysis requirements. However, we do see the sense in engaging more fully with the wider statistics community to ensure that the most effective and up-to-date statistical techniques are adopted and will now consider further how best to achieve this.

Another area for suggested improvement is in the archiving of data and algorithms, and in recording exactly what was done. Although no-one predicted the import of this pioneering research when it started in the mid-1980’s, it is now clear that more effort needs to be put into this activity.

However, some of the panelists noted, even adjusting for newer statistical models didn’t alter the conclusions. David Hand, who is the president of Britain’s Royal Statistical Society and sat on the Oxburgh panel, dug into the infamous “hockey stick” chart of global temperatures by Penn State’s Michael Mann during his investigations. Hand agrees with Mann: he too says that the hockey stick – showing an above-average rise in temperatures during the 20th century – is there. The upward incline is just shorter than Mann’s original graphic suggests. “More like a field-hockey stick than an ice-hockey stick” [New Scientist], he says.

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Source: ClimateGate Inquiry: No Scientific Misconduct From “Squeaky Clean” Researchers