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Apple Removes Ability to Sync Nike+ Workout Data Via iTunes in iOS 5

August 19th, 2011 08:29 admin View Comments

iOS 5

iLounge reports that Apple has removed the ability to sync Nike+ workout data via iTunes in iOS 5 beta 6 that was seeded to developers few hours back.

iLounge reports that users are informed that they no longer need iTunes to sync their Nike+ workout data and can now send it directly using the “Send Workouts to Nike+†feature in the iOS device’s Nike + iPod settings on the iPhone.

Apple has removed the Nike + iPod synchronization tab for iOS 5 devices in iTunes 10.5.

iLounge reports:

With the release of iOS 5, Apple appears ready to end iTunes’ use as a middleman between iOS devices and According to an anonymous source, iOS 5 beta 6 devices with Nike+ data now prompt an iTunes dialog box stating that workout data can now be sent using the “Send Workouts to Nike+†feature in the iOS device’s Nike + iPod settings, and iTunes 10.5 no longer displays a Nike + iPod synchronization tab for iOS 5 devices.

iLounge points out that the ability to sync Nike+ workout data wirelessly to was first introduced in iOS 4.1, but users still had the ability to sync the data the older way, which was via iTunes. Apple has removed this older option in iOS 5 beta 6.

So not a major change, but a step in the right direction by Apple to enforce iOS device users to use more convenient PC Free features with iOS 5.

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Source: Apple Removes Ability to Sync Nike+ Workout Data Via iTunes in iOS 5

Apple May Launch Revamped MobileMe Service In April?

March 18th, 2011 03:52 admin View Comments


iLounge reports that Apple is planning to launch the revamped MobileMe services next month.

We’ve already heard several rumors and speculations that Apple will launch a cloud-based service, which will allow users to upload their music, TV shows and movies to Apple’s servers so that they can access them from various devices.

iLounge reports:

Apple is set to announce a new, free version of MobileMe next month, according to a trusted iLounge source. The source, who works for a major educational institution, claims the school’s supplier has said the current version of MobileMe is no longer available, and that Apple is suggesting new students sign up for the 60-day trial to cover the gap between the final MobileMe shipment and the launch of the new version. In addition, the source was told that Apple will be supporting the existing version of MobileMe for the next year, suggesting that the new version will be quite different from the existing service; the extra year of support would likely cover those who recently paid for a full year of MobileMe, prior to Apple removing any method through which a user could pay for the service.

Apple has already discontinued the retail box versions of MobileMe and no longer allows users to opt for MobileMe service while purchasing a Mac indicating that a cloud-based service is imminent.

We’ve also heard rumors that Apple is negotiating with music labels to allow users to redownload music purchased from iTunes store an unlimited number of times from any device as it will be one of the features of the cloud-based digital locker.

Apple may launch the revamped MobileMe service at a special event in early April where it is also expected to unveil its next generation iOS – iOS 5.

Are you excited about the possibility of a revamped MobileMe service? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Apple May Launch Revamped MobileMe Service In April?

Consumer Report Won’t Recommend Verizon iPhone 4 Due To Reception Problems

February 25th, 2011 02:51 admin View Comments

verizon iphone

Consumer Reports, a popular product review and comparison organization has just reported that Verizon iPhone 4 has a similar reception problem to the GSM iPhone 4, which could cause drop calls in areas with weak signal.

Back in July 2010, Consumer Reports had declined to recommend iPhone 4 due to its widely publicized reception problems.

Consumer Reports is reporting:

The Verizon iPhone 4 has a problem that could cause the phone to drop calls, or be unable to place calls, in weak signal conditions, Consumer Reports engineers have found in lab tests.

The problem is similar to the one we confirmed in July with the AT&T version of Apple’s newest smart phone. It can occur when you hold either version of the phone in a specific but quite natural way in which a gap in the phone’s external casing is covered. The phone performs superbly in most other respects, and using the iPhone 4 with a case can alleviate the problem.

Consumer Reports put the Verizon iPhone 4 and 5 other Verizon smartphones; such as the Samsung Fascinate; Motorola Droid 2 Global; HTC Droid Incredible; LG Ally; and Motorola Droid X through the special tests it carried out last year on the GSM iPhone 4 and observed that the only phone in which the finger contact caused any meaningful decline in performance was the iPhone 4.

Due to this reason, they’re not including the Verizon iPhone in their list of recommended smartphones.

As noted earlier, there have not been widespread reports of reception difficulties with the Verizon iPhone 4, and Verizon’s network, unlike AT&T’s, has received above-average scores from our readers for the reliability of its voice service in the past. (Those scores reflect data gathered before the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4.) But given our findings, we believe the possibility exists for individual users to experience the problem since low signal conditions are unavoidable when using any cell-phone network.

iLounge had also reported that the Verizon iPhone loses substantial cellular signal strength when held in a ‘death grip’ position like the GSM iPhone 4. They also noticed that Wi-Fi reception is affected when the Verizon iPhone is held in a different position referred to as the “death hug†something that hasn’t been observed on the GSM iPhone 4.

You can checkout Consumer Reports Verizon iPhone 4 review below:

Do you refer to Consumer Reports review before buying or upgrading your smartphone? Have you observed the issue on your Verizon iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: Consumer Report Won’t Recommend Verizon iPhone 4 Due To Reception Problems

Apple May Release iPad 1.5 At Next Week’s Media Event; iPad 2 Later This Year?

February 23rd, 2011 02:17 admin View Comments

iPad 2

Folks at iLounge have provided some interesting details of what to expect at next week’s media event where it is widely speculated that Apple will unveil the 2nd generation iPad.

iLounge claims that according to their reliable sources Apple may not unveil the “real iPad 2†at next week’s event due to production problems and instead release a tweaked version of the current generation iPad.

iLounge reports:

Two reliable sources are suggesting that next week’s “iPad 2†event has some serious cliffhanger potential—as in, consumers may not see the real “iPad 2†for some time. There’s apparently some truth to the reports of production problems with the new model, and as a result, no one is really sure at this point what Apple is going to be shipping as the “iPad 2,†or when.

iLounge goes on to add:

But last August, Apple was rumored to be working on a more modest incremental update to the iPad that was going to add a front-facing camera, with a possible release date of right before the holidays. That last part sounded crazy—impossible, really—even though it did sound like Apple was testing something that wasn’t quite an iPad 2, but was actually more like an iPad 1.5, sort of like the third-generation iPod touch. (You remember that one, right? The one where Apple pulled the rear camera at the last minute due to production problems.) If the real “iPad 2†wasn’t ready in time, Apple could just release the mildly tweaked version as a stop-gap measure.

Frankly, its a little difficult to believe given Apple’s track record. But if these rumors are indeed accurate then John Gruber’s guess that Apple may also release iPad 3 in September will turn out to be accurate.

Based on the information provided by iLounge, Apple could potentially launch iPad 1.5 (may call it iPad 2), which is just an incremental update to the first generation iPad at next week’s media event and release the completely revamped iPad 2 (may call it iPad 3) in September.

iLounge points out that there is another possibility:

One expects that Apple will only preview the next iPad at next week’s event, then release it widely around June. A price drop for the current model would keep sales flowing until then.

However, since Apple is holding a special event to unveil the new iPad, it seems unlikely that Apple will delay the release to June. But one cannot rule out the possibility of Apple releasing iPad 2 and iPad 3 this year. Is Apple giving us the hint in the tag line of next week’s event “Come see what 2011 will be the year of�

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: Apple May Release iPad 1.5 At Next Week’s Media Event; iPad 2 Later This Year?

Verizon iPhone 4 Cellular Signal Strength Also Affected By ‘Death Grip’; Wi-Fi Reception Affected By ‘Death Hug’

February 8th, 2011 02:05 admin View Comments

verizon iphone

iLounge is reporting that Verizon iPhone 4 also suffers from signal attenuation problems that was first reported when Apple launched the GSM iPhone 4.

iLounge reports that the Verizon iPhone loses substantial cellular signal strength when held in a ‘death grip’ position like the GSM iPhone 4. They have also noticed that Wi-Fi reception is affected when the Verizon iPhone is held in a different position referred to as the “death hug†something that hasn’t been observed on the GSM iPhone 4.

iLounge reports:

As seen in this Verizon iPhone 4 antenna attenuation video, the CDMA iPhone 4 can still lose substantial cellular signal strength when held in the prior “death grip” position, as well as Wi-Fi signal when held in a different position, in each case noticeably slowing or completely stalling the reception of data. The problem with Wi-Fi reception appears when the device is held snugly in landscape orientation with two hands, a position common when playing games or using the widescreen keyboard. Prior to the Verizon iPhone 4′s launch, sources told iLounge to be on the lookout for the issue, which was being referred to as the ‘death hug.”

Last year, Apple held a special conference to discuss the iPhone 4 antenna problem after it received a lot of negative publicity and explained smartphone antenna performance and their weak spots. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs claimed that every smartphone lose signal strength if you hold it in a certain way and it is not something unique to iPhone 4. Apple had provided the following explanation:

The opposite of amplification, attenuation happens whenever a signal is obstructed. All antennas — including television, radio, GPS, and cellular antennas — can experience attenuation. And with most antennas, the density and composition of the human hand can cause attenuation to a greater degree than some other materials. On a mobile phone, signal loss typically occurs when your hand attenuates the most sensitive part of the antenna. In the photos and videos below, we demonstrate how different grips cause attenuation on many popular smartphones — including iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

Apple had also demonstrated how smartphones like RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC’s Droid Eric, Samsung’s Omnia II lose signal strength when you grip them in a certain way. But to address the situation and to ensure that its customers are happy, Apple had announced free bumpers to all iPhone 4 users who had purchased their phones by September 2010. After reviewing the situation again in September 2010, Apple decided to discontinue the free iPhone 4 case program as it believed that iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue was even smaller than it originally thought.

It is strange that early reviewers of the Verizon iPhone 4 did not notice the issue but as iLounge points out the issue is not noticeable in areas with stronger signal strength.

You can checkout the video of Verizon iPhone 4’s antenna attenuation video below:

Have you observed the issue on your Verizon iPhone? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Source: Verizon iPhone 4 Cellular Signal Strength Also Affected By ‘Death Grip’; Wi-Fi Reception Affected By ‘Death Hug’

Apple May Launch iPad 2 Later This Month

February 6th, 2011 02:09 admin View Comments

Ipad 2

Japanese blog Macotakara – which in the past has provided accurate details about forthcoming Apple launches has some interesting information regarding iPad 2.

In a two line report published recently, the blog said that Apple will be holding a small event in February to launch the next generation iPad.

However, Macotakara goes on to add that iPad 2 will be available only in March.

Meanwhile, iLounge claims that “a previously accurate source” has revealed that Apple is working on NFC (Near Field Communication) accessories, indicating that iPad 2 and iPhone 5 could come with embedded NFC chips for mobile payments.

iLounge report provides some details about the NFC accessories:

In the most basic implementation, an accessory could announce its presence and potential functions to an iPad or iPhone without the need for a Bluetooth or similar connection; our source suggests that an otherwise simple case could include a radio chip so that an inserted iPhone or iPad could go into power-saving hibernation mode automatically. More complex accessories will go far beyond that.

The iLounge report also talks about the possibility of Apple using a new material similar to carbon fiber instead of alluminium in the next generation iPad to make it tougher and at the same time reduce its weight.

iLounge also reports that according to their source, Apple has asked component manufacturers to develop a part that could be used in a 7-inch iPad, which is odd as Steve Jobs has mentioned that Apple won’t make a 7-inch iPad as they believe 10-inch screen is the minimum necessary for a tablet.

Are you waiting for Apple to launch iPad 2? Would you be interested in a 7-inch iPad? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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Source: Apple May Launch iPad 2 Later This Month

Apple Patents Reveal Next Gen iPad Could Come With Dual Dock Connectors, Front-Facing Camera, Smart Bezel More

September 26th, 2010 09:37 admin View Comments


Patently Apple has discovered new Apple patent applications in China that provides some interesting details of the design changes that we can probably expect in the next generation iPad.

According to one of the patents, future iPads will also be able to dock in landscape in addition to the portrait mode that is possible currently.

The new patent applications have also revealed that the second generation iPads could get a new port and a smart bezel.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about dual dock connectors as iLounge had reported that the first generation iPad could come with two dock connectors:

According to the site, the tablet will have two dock connectors to allow the device to be docked in either portrait or landscape orientations. This should allow the device some flexibility when docking with 3rd party accessories, avoiding awkward cable positioning.


It would be really nice to have the option to also dock the iPad in landscape mode.

Patently Apple has also identified a port next to the 30-pin connector, which it believes could be a mini-HDMI or USB port. But it is probably a case of wishful thinking as it appears to be a sim-card slot/tray for the iPad 3G. But I’m sure many users will really love to see a mini-HDMI or USB port in the next generation iPad.

Patently Apple has also observed a circle-shaped hole on the top of the iPad as seen in the image below. The site believes that it could be for a possible front-facing camera to bring Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature to the iPad, which is one of the most requested features.

However, it could also be the ambient light sensor which is currently located in that spot.


Patently Apple discovered another patent for something called the “Smart Bezel”. Though the patent doesn’t provide any further details, it appears to be some type of touch-based quick access key, which Patently Apple speculates could be as a auto page turner.


Interesting stuff! I’m already looking forward to the next generation iPad. What about you? Let us know your thoughts on the new patents in the comments section below.

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Source: Apple Patents Reveal Next Gen iPad Could Come With Dual Dock Connectors, Front-Facing Camera, Smart Bezel More

Apple May Introduce $1 Monthly TV Show Subscription, More Details Of Next Gen iPod Touch

August 28th, 2010 08:11 admin View Comments

Apple media event rumors

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Apple was in advanced talks with media companies to announce a new TV show rental service that will allow users to rent TV shows for a 48 hour period at a price of $0.99. We are now hearing that this partnership could be a lot more attractive.

Cult of Mac reports that according to their source, the service could actually bring unlimited access to any particular TV show at a monthly cost of $0.99. 

This would mean that a user subscribing to 5 different TV shows for a period of one year will pay $60 annually to access the entire library of content during this period. 

Meanwhile, iLounge is reporting that the next generation iPod Touch will come with a different back casing besides a rear-facing camera and microphone. iLounge claims:

"Think of the top of a MacBook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center-closer to the look of the first-generation iPod touch's back, only with modifications."

The next generation iPod Touch is also likely to come with a front-facing camera to support FaceTime video calling. 

Besides this, there are also speculations that Apple could introduce a new iPod Touch model with a 3G-option. Apple Insider reports that Apple has seen an encouraging uptake of the 3G-capable version of iPad and is consequently planning on introducing the feature on iPod Touch as well. 

AppleInsider confirms another speculation that we reported yesterday. They claim that the rumored iPod units with a squared display are indeed those of iPod nano and not iPod Shuffle as some websites had speculated. The new displays are noted to measure 3cm x 3cm and shall be compatible with the existing line of accessories like the iPod Dock connector.

What are your thoughts on these speculations? Would you interested in subscribing for the $1 TV show? Tell us in the comments.

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Source: Apple May Introduce $1 Monthly TV Show Subscription, More Details Of Next Gen iPod Touch

ARM Cortex-A9: A Look At The Next Gen iPad, iPhone Chip

August 10th, 2010 08:07 admin View Comments

Next gen iPad Cortex A9 processor

Folks at DigiTimes had recently come up with some juicy rumors regarding the next generation iPad. In their latest report, the Taiwanese publication had claimed that Apple will be launching an upgraded version of their 9.7-inch iPad by the first quarter of 2011 that will deploy a powerful ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

The report had also backed claims made by iLounge earlier this month about Apple's plans to launch a smaller 7-inch iPad with a similar processor configuration. 

Source: ARM Cortex-A9: A Look At The Next Gen iPad, iPhone Chip

iPad Wi-Fi Vs iPad 3G: Battery Life Compared

May 3rd, 2010 05:15 admin View Comments

iPad battery performance

Folks at iLounge have published results of an interesting study that looked into the battery performance of the newly launched iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

The study corroborates Apple's official estimates that iPad 3G would have a conservative battery life of close to 9 hours. According to iLounge, iPad 3G's battery life is approximately one and half hours less than the battery life of iPad Wi-Fi only model.

To study the iPad's battery performance over the Wi-Fi and 3G networks, iLounge performed a "web torture test" where a fully loaded webpage was refreshed repeatedly every minute under standard brightness levels of 50% over Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The study concluded that the iPad's Wi-Fi only model clocked 10 hours and 21 minutes of battery life while the newly released iPad 3G version lasted for 8 hours and 38 minutes. 

The battery performance test closely matches the official estimates from Apple. However, as iLounge notes, these numbers are pretty conservative considering that normal users do not have to load webpages so frequently or have to continuously make use of Wi-Fi or 3G networks. iLounge reports: 

"..[T]he iPad achieved 8 hours and 38 minutes of continuous reloading and displaying—22 minutes shy of Apple’s estimate. We consider the shortage relatively unimportant given how demanding this particular test is—real users don’t load pages every minute—but users who expect the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G to last forever when downloading data over the cellular network should go in with the realization that there is a battery hit of approximately 1.5 hours relative to Wi-Fi use."

Battery life of more than eight and half hours for a table device like an iPad using 3G data network is still very impressive. We will be very happy if the battery life of Apple's next generation iPhone dubbed iPhone HD will be in this range.

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Source: iPad Wi-Fi Vs iPad 3G: Battery Life Compared