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Third-Generation Apple TV Lands With a Thud

March 10th, 2012 03:31 admin View Comments


DeviceGuru writes “Although generally overshadowed by the iPad 3 debut, Apple also introduced the third incarnation of its Apple TV streaming media players this week. Sporting a revamped icon-based UI, the third-generation Apple TV doesn’t add much to its predecessor beyond a truly-HD 1080p video output mode. Although Apple TV is still not supported by an Apple Apps Store plug-in apps ecosystem, its new UI (available as a free update for 2nd-generation Apple TVs) does seem to imply that this capability is coming soon. Meanwhile, Roku is gearing up for a $50M IPO, so this cord-cutting story is far from over.”

Source: Third-Generation Apple TV Lands With a Thud

Apple TV Software Update 4.4 (iOS 5) Adds AirPlay Mirroring, Photo Stream, NHL, WSJ

October 12th, 2011 10:39 admin View Comments

Apple TV

It’s been a busy day for Apple, they have also released release another software update: Apple TV software update 4.4 (essentially iOS 5) for the second generation Apple TV.

They’ve added support for a host of new features, such as Photo Stream, AirPlay mirroring, and more media subscriptions.

This update makes the 2nd-generation Apple TV compatible with iOS 5 on other devices. One of the biggest features in this update is AirPlay’s mirroring ability, which allows you to display contents of your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S screen on your TV wirelessly. It appears this ability is restricted to iPad 2 and Apple’s new iPhone 4s, both of which utilize the more advanced A5 processor. While it remains to be seen if it allows FaceTime to be mirrored, which easily become a one of favorite features.

According to the release notes, Apple TV software update 4.4 includes the following new features:

  • AirPlay Mirroring: Now with video mirroring – wirelessly stream what’s on your iPad 2 screen to your HDTV.
  • Photo Stream: View photos recently taken on your iOS device and pushed to your Photo Stream in iCloud.
  • Trailers: A whole new way to browse and view hundreds of the latest theatrical trailers.
  • National Hockey League: Watch live games. View highlights, scores, and more.
  • Wall Street Journal Live: Watch up-to-date news, business commentary, and financial analysis from leading experts.

This widens the variety of content that Apple already offers, such as MLB and NBA media. The update also puts focus on Apple’s iCloud because of the added Photo Stream support.

Bear in mind that updating will very surely get rid of any jailbreak-only features you have, so you may want to wait if you’re relying on them.

Source: Apple TV Software Update 4.4 (iOS 5) Adds AirPlay Mirroring, Photo Stream, NHL, WSJ

Next Generation Apple TV References Discovered In iOS 5

October 8th, 2011 10:57 admin View Comments

Apple TV 2G

When we first heard that Apple was planning to unveil the second generation Apple TV last year, more than three years after Apple TV was first introduced, we were quite excited as we thought that Apple was seriously looking at make its hobby into one of the pillars of it’s business like the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Unfortunately, when Apple launched the second generation TV in September 2010, we realised that it was still a hobby for Apple.

But there might still be some hope of that happening as 9 to 5 Mac has discovered references to a yet-to-be-released “Apple3,1″ in the latest version of iOS 5.

Apple uses these models numbers to distinguish between different hardware models. For example: The original iPhone carried the model number of “iPhone 1,1″, while the iPhone 3G is labeled “iPhone 1,2″, iPhone 3GS is labeled “iPhone 2,1″ and the model number of iPhone 4 is “iPhone 3,1″.

These numbers do not change for simple storage increases and instead represent functionally different devices. So since the model number for the first generation Apple TV was “Apple1,1″ and “Apple2,1″ for the second generation Apple TV, it suggests that Apple maybe working on a major upgrade for Apple TV.

Apple TV 3G

9 to 5 Mac speculates:

In all likelihood, this new Apple TV will gain some of internal power from the iPhone 4S and iPad 2: the dual-core A5 chip and maybe a boost in the RAM department. The Apple TV 3,1 reference comes from a file that Apple uses to activate unreleased devices that are in testing; furthermore this Apple 3,1 is already in testing stages. A dual-core Apple TV will likely mean 1080P video playback, a current restriction due to the current model’s A4 processor. We will also likely see some 1080P iTunes content to come along with this next-generation model’s new abilities.

It also remains to be seen if Apple will integrate the next generation Apple TV into the rumored Apple Television.

We hope so as we would love to see someone like Apple change the status quo in the Television industry.

Source: Next Generation Apple TV References Discovered In iOS 5

Shipping Estimates For New International iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Slip To 1-2 Weeks

October 7th, 2011 10:08 admin View Comments

iPhone 4S

Apple’s new iPhone 4S was finally available for pre-order in the US, Cananda, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia earlier today.

MacRumors has just reported that the international shipping estimates, which was initially October 14th has now slipped to 1 to 2 weeks in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK.

The shipping estimate in the US is still October 14th in the US. So it looks like either the number of units available to International users was limited or there has been a huge demand for iPhone 4S.

If you check our post on iPhone 4S pre-orders, you will notice that Apple and its carrier partners in the US also faced problems while offering the new iPhone for pre-order. Apple had intermittent problems and the online store was available almost 40 minutes after the schedule launch time. But Apple’s problems didn’t stop there, it had to stop taking preorders as they seemed to be having issues verifying eligibility criteria and plans through AT&T and instead started issuing reservation that allow users to return later to verify eligibility and select their service plans. Things seem to have settled down after two or three hours.

AT&T and Sprint also seemed to have problems coping with the traffic and some of the issues that Apple was facing was probably related to it.

MacRumors reports that Apple has started notifying users who placed early reservations that they will have to return to to complete their orders by 5:00 PM PST tomorrow to maintain their priority status for delivery.

Though this seems to suggest that there is a strong demand for Apple’s fifth generation, Apple should seriously look at the pre-order process, it should not be so difficult for users to buy the new iPhone. It seems to happen every year. Apple is known for caring about creating a quality customer experience at every brand touchpoint whether its the retail store experience, easy of buying, packaging of the product or the product itself. But unfortunately, this is one aspect that has been been fixed since the iPhone launch.

What do you think? Have you been able to pre-order your iPhone 4S? Are you getting your shiny new iPhone 4S on October 14th?

[via MacRumors]

Source: Shipping Estimates For New International iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Slip To 1-2 Weeks

aTV Flash (Black) Beta 7 For Apple TV 2G Released; Brings Music Playback, SlideShows, Cloud Backups

September 8th, 2011 09:41 admin View Comments

Apple TV aTV Flash black

FireCore has released aTV Flash (black) Beta 7 for jailbroken Apple TV 2G.

aTV Flash (black) Beta 7 brings a number of new features such music playback, powered artist slideshows and cloud backups. The latest version of aTV Flash (black) also includes a number of improvements and bug fixes.

FireCore has provided the following information about the major new features introduced in aTV Flash (black) Beta 7:

Music Playback

A new music player has been built into Media Player, which allows you to stream most music file types from a Mac, PC or NAS drive without using iTunes. During playback, album art, track info, and artist images will automatically be downloaded from 

Cloud Backups

We’ve added a new cloud backup feature that provides a way to easily backup all your 3rd party (FireCore, XBMC, Plex, etc…) settings and data to the cloud. Once backed up, a list of your previously saved backups will be available allowing you to to easily restore one of them if needed.

Metadata Views

Media Player now features three distinct options for viewing different types of metadata. The the left (<<) and right (>>) buttons can be used to cycle through the views when browsing through your media. More details on each view can be found below.
  1. General (default) view – This is the first view and contains a portion of the synopsis, and other info like who’s in the movie and when it was released.
  2. Synopsis view – This is the second view and shows the full movie synopsis.
  3. Technical view – This is the third view and shows technical information about the video file.

You can checkout the complete change log at FireCore’s blog.

Couple of week, FireCore had released an updated version of their jailbreaking tool – Seas0nPass to support untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 4.3 software update for second generation Apple TV, which enables users to install aTV Flash (black).

aTV Flash (black) is currently available for pre-order for a discounted price of $19.99, which will also give you access to the beta version.

As always, please let us know what you think about the new version in the comments below.

Source: aTV Flash (Black) Beta 7 For Apple TV 2G Released; Brings Music Playback, SlideShows, Cloud Backups

iOS 5 Beta 7 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Seeded To Developers

August 31st, 2011 08:46 admin View Comments

iOS 5

Apple has just released the seventh version of iOS 5 (build 9a5313e) to developers of iOS Developer program.

iOS 5 beta 7 is available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation, iPad and iPad 2.

Apple unveiled iOS 5 at WWDC 2011 Keynote, which includes more than 200 features for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users such as revamped Notification system with Notification Center, iMessage, PC Free, Wi-Fi Sync Newsstand, Reminders, deep Twitter integration and lots more. Apple has also improved the Camera app, Photo app,mobile Safari browser, Mail and Calendar app in iOS 5.

iOS 5 Beta 6 is also being offered over-the-air (OTA) and the delta is 70 MB in size for the iPhone.

Apple has also released Apple TV Software beta 6 for second generation Apple TV, iTunes 10.5 beta 7 and Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 7 to developers.

If Apple launches iPhone 5 in the first or second week of October as some recent reports are indicating then iOS 5 should also be released in the first half of October.

We will let you know if the new beta version of iOS 5 reveals any other interesting new features, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Thanks everyone for the heads up!

Source: iOS 5 Beta 7 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Seeded To Developers

Apple Kills 99-Cent iTunes TV Show Rentals

August 27th, 2011 08:19 admin View Comments

IS Drive iPhone app

Apple seems to have quietly removed the option to rent TV shows from iTunes Store and Apple TV on Friday.

Last year, when Apple introduced the second generation Apple TV, it adopted the rental model instead of the purchase model as Apple TV 2G came with only 8GB storage. So Apple TV 2G users could rent first-run HDTV movies at a price of $4.99, while single episodes of TV shows in HD were available for $0.99.

Earlier in the month, Apple had released Apple TV 4.3 Software Update, which allowed users to also purchase TV shows on second generation Apple TV. It was probably sign of things to come.

Apple’s decision to kill the 99-cent TV show rentals and move to a purchase model for TV shows is not surprising as the rental model didn’t really take off because TV shows only from Fox and ABC were available for rent as other networks didn’t like the idea of renting out TV shows only for $0.99.

AppleInsider reports:

The option to rent episodes of TV shows is no longer available on either the Apple TV, or when browsing content via Apple’s iTunes application. Previously, participating networks offered users the ability to rent a TV episode for 99 cents, with 30 days to begin watching and 48 hours to complete it. 

As further evidence that the ability to rent TV shows has been removed completely, an Apple support document entitled “iTunes Store: How to rent TV shows,” has been removed from the Web. A Google cache of the page is still available.

Apple has issued the following statement to All Things Digital:

“iTunes customers have shown they overwhelmingly prefer buying TV shows,†Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said. “iTunes in the Cloud lets customers download and watch their past TV purchases from their iOS devices, Apple TV, Mac or PC allowing them to enjoy their programming whenever and however they choose.â€

What do you think about Apple’s move to kill 99-cent TV show rentals?

[via AppleInsider]

Source: Apple Kills 99-Cent iTunes TV Show Rentals

Seas0nPass Updated To Support Untethered Jailbreak For Apple TV 4.3

August 21st, 2011 08:13 admin View Comments


FireCore has released an updated version of their jailbreaking tool – Seas0nPass to support untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 4.3 software update for second generation Apple TV.

Apple had released Apple TV 4.3 software update earlier in the month to add the ability to purchase TV shows on Apple TV 2G, re-download previously purchased TV show content and also support for video service Vimeo.

FireCore made the announcement of the new version of Seas0nPass on their blog:

Seas0nPass has been updated to support an un-tethered jailbreak of the new AppleTV 4.3 (8F455) software. A big thanks goes to comex for helping port the Saffron jailbreak to the AppleTV. For the uninitiated, Seas0nPass is the simplest jailbreaking tool available for the AppleTV, and the first to support the new 4.3 version.

Jailbreaking Apple TV 2G enables users to install aTV Flash (black), which adds new features to the second generation Apple TV that includes: web browsing, Last.FM access, limited support for HTML5 video sites, stream media from most NAS devices and lots more.

FireCore also continues to rollout improvements to the media player that comes bundled with aTV Flash (black). They have released a new version, which includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Added more subtitle encoding types
  • Added subtitle options (size, color, border)
  • Added support for folder cover art
  • Improved audio track detection
  • Improved AFP/SMB streaming
  • Improved chapter support
  • Improved .srt subtitle support
  • Improved subtitle settings (persistent)
  • Improved DVD playback and menu handling
  • Improved appearance of Loading/Buffering box
  • Resolved crashes when trying to access a broken/unavailable share
  • Resolved issues related to displaying metadata
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

You can download the latest version of Seas0nPass (and user guides) at As always, let us know how it goes and what you think of the new features in the comments. [via FireCore Blog]

Source: Seas0nPass Updated To Support Untethered Jailbreak For Apple TV 4.3

FireCore Releases Media Player 0.7 For Apple TV 2G; Adds New Features And Fixes Bugs

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Apple TV aTV Flash black

FireCore has released a new version of Media Player for the second generation Apple TV.

FireCore had introduced a new light weight media player that was written specially for iOS in aTV Flash (black) Beta6. aTV Flash (black) is a software package that brings features such as the ability to surf the web, discover new music via etc.

The new version of the Media Player adds a number of new features and also fixes a number of bugs.

Here’s what’s new in Media Player 0.7:

  • Added new playback menu (hold select during playback)
  • Added support for .srt subtitles
  • Added support for multiple audio tracks
  • Added support for chapters
  • Added support for localized metadata
  • Added support for local cover art
  • Added option to refetch metadata for a specific file
  • Added option to clear all metadata
  • Added toggle setting for volume control
  • Improved metadata fetching (courtesy of
  • Improved progress bar controls
  • Improved DVD playback and ff/rw controls
  • Improved audio track selection logic
  • Resolved aspect ratios issues for certain video types
  • Resolved file browsing related crashes
  • Resolved metadata fetching related crashes
  • Resolved audio queue related errors
  • Resolved Top Shelf related playback issues
  • Resolved playback related memory leaks
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Many other miscellaneous fixes

Users can access the new playback menu simply press and hold the center (select) button during playback. Users can then press the menu button to return to the movie.

If you’ve aTV Flash (black) Beta6 installed on your jailbroken Apple TV 2G, then you can download Media Player 0.7 through the Maintenance –> Manage Extras menu.

As always, let us know if you like the new version of the Media Player.

[via FireCore Blog]

Source: FireCore Releases Media Player 0.7 For Apple TV 2G; Adds New Features And Fixes Bugs

Video Of HTML5 Game Working On Hacked Apple TV 2G

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While we eagerly wait for Apple to launch the App Store for their second generation Apple TV, folks at appletvblack report that they’ve managed to get an HTML5 game working on a jailbroken Apple TV 2G.

The game is a simple Blackjack game and not very pretty to look at, but it gives us a glimpse of the potential of the device, which we’ve known ever since we found out it runs a modified version of iOS.

Folks at appletvblack have managed to achieve it by first jailbreaking their Apple TV 2G and then have managed to run the HTML5 game using Cough Surfer, which is a web browser available for jailbroken Apple TV 2G that comes bundled with aTV Flash (black).

You can checkout the video of the HTML5 game running on Apple TV 2G:

What do you think of this latest development? What’s on your wish list for Apple TV? Please share your views in the comments section below. (appletvblack via RedmondPie)

Source: Video Of HTML5 Game Working On Hacked Apple TV 2G