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Firefox 15 Released: Silent Updates, Compressed Textures, Add-on Memory Leak Fix

August 28th, 2012 08:02 admin View Comments


Mozilla released Firefox 15 today, and it brings a number of interesting changes. First, the browser is finally switching to a “silent” update model, like Chrome. (No doubt in answer to endless complaints about their rapid release cycle.) In addition, Mozilla says they have “now plugged the main cause of memory leaks in Firefox add-ons.” Add-ons commonly hold extra copies of sites in memory when they don’t need to, and the browser now has a mechanism to detect this and reclaim the memory. Another significant improvement is the addition of native support for compressed textures in WebGL, which is a boost for high-res 3D gaming. Here are release notes for the desktop and mobile versions.

Source: Firefox 15 Released: Silent Updates, Compressed Textures, Add-on Memory Leak Fix

Mozilla Announces Long Term Support Version of Firefox

January 11th, 2012 01:54 admin View Comments


mvar writes “After a meeting held last Monday regarding Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release, the new version was announced yesterday in a post on Mozilla’s official blog: ‘We are pleased to announce that the proposal for an Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox is now a plan of action. The ESR version of Firefox is for use by enterprises, public institutions, universities, and other organizations that centrally manage their Firefox deployments. Releases of the ESR will occur once a year, providing these organizations with a version of Firefox that receives security updates but does not make changes to the Web or Firefox Add-ons platform.’”

Source: Mozilla Announces Long Term Support Version of Firefox

GNOME Shell Extensions Are Live

December 2nd, 2011 12:40 admin View Comments


DrXym writes “GNOME Shell has been criticized for certain shortcomings when compared to GNOME 2.x. Chief amongst them was that 2.x offered panel applets whereas 3.x is seemingly lacking any such functionality. What most people don’t know is that GNOME Shell has a rich extension framework similar to Mozilla Firefox add-ons. Now, the official site to install extensions has gone live. So if you yearn for an application menu, or a dock, or a status monitor, then head on over. Extensions can be installed with a few clicks and removed just as easily.”

Source: GNOME Shell Extensions Are Live

How the Mozilla Sniffer Backdoor Was Discovered

July 15th, 2010 07:13 admin View Comments

An anonymous reader writes “Mozilla pulled one of their Firefox add-ons earlier this week for containing a backdoor which stole passwords from its users. Netcraft has taken a closer look at how the rogue extension worked, and how it was discovered by chance rather than through any code review process. Mozilla are working on a new security model to stop this kind of backdoor happening again.”

Source: How the Mozilla Sniffer Backdoor Was Discovered

Firefox Mobile Reaches 1.0

January 30th, 2010 01:18 admin View Comments

Majix writes Firefox Mobile, the mobile browser developed by Mozilla based on the same engine as in the recently released Firefox 3.6, has finally hit version 1.0. The first device to be officially supported is the Nokia N900. With a long list of features, Firefox Mobile looks to be the most complete mobile browser to date. Highlights include the familiar Awesome Bar, Weave Sync for sharing your browser state between your PC and mobile, and of course tabbed browsing and Firefox add-ons. With the Nokia 900 and Firefox Mobile 1.0, even Flash content including the normal YouTube site is working, showing that a mobile browser does not have to equal a compromised Internet experience.”

Source: Firefox Mobile Reaches 1.0