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IE Flaw Exploit In Hacker Kit ‘Raises the Stakes’

November 8th, 2010 11:18 admin View Comments

CWmike writes “Roger Thompson, chief research officer of AVG Technologies, said Sunday that an exploit for the newest IE flaw had been added to the Eleonore crimeware attack kit. ‘This raises the stakes considerably, as it means that anyone can buy the kit for a few hundred bucks, and they have a working zero-day,’ Thompson said on his company’s blog. Microsoft has promised to patch the vulnerability, but last week said the threat didn’t warrant an ‘out-of-band’ update. Microsoft will deliver three security updates Nov. 9, but won’t fix the IE bug then.”

Source: IE Flaw Exploit In Hacker Kit ‘Raises the Stakes’

A Tidal Wave of Java Flaw Exploitation

October 18th, 2010 10:13 admin View Comments

tsu doh nimh writes “Microsoft warned today that it is witnessing a huge spike in the exploitation of Java vulnerabilities on the Windows platform, and that attacks on Java security holes now far outpace the exploitation of Adobe PDF bugs. The Microsoft announcement cites research by blogger Brian Krebs, who has been warning for several months that Java vulnerabilities are showing up as the top moneymakers for those peddling commercial crimeware exploitation kits, such as Eleonore, Crimepack and SEO Sploit Pack.”
Several days ago, Oracle released a patch that fixed 29 Java security flaws.

Source: A Tidal Wave of Java Flaw Exploitation

Turning Attackers’ Tools Against Them

June 19th, 2010 06:19 admin View Comments

Tasha26 writes “The BBC has an interesting web security snippet from the SyScan 2010 security conference in Singapore. In a presentation, security researcher Laurent Oudot released details of bugs found in commonly used attack kits such as Neon, Eleonore, and Sniper. These loopholes could be exploited to get more information about the attackers, perhaps identifying them, stealing their tools and methods, or even following the trail back to their own computer.”

Source: Turning Attackers’ Tools Against Them