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UK Government Changes Tack and Demands Default Porn Block

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judgecorp writes “British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to reverse a policy announced last week, and demand that ISPs filter adult content by default. This system would require users to actively opt out of a filter designed to block adult content and material about self-harm. Last week, after consultation with parents, the Department for Education had said that an opt-in system would be sufficient and no default porn block would be required, but the Daily Mail has announced triumphantly that Cameron will be presenting the policy in the paper. MP Claire Perry, who has argued for the block, will be in charge — and freedom of speech campaigners have branded the sudden change of mind as ‘chaotic.’”

Source: UK Government Changes Tack and Demands Default Porn Block

David Cameron ‘Orders New Curbs On Internet Porn’

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First time accepted submitter fustakrakich writes with news reported in The Telegraph of new anti-pornography regulations ordered by UK Prime Minister David Cameron: “The new measures will mean that in future anyone buying a new computer or signing up with a new internet service provider (ISP) will be asked, when they log on for the first time, whether they have children. If the answer is “yes”, the parent will be taken through the process of installing anti-pornography filters, as well as a series of questions on how stringent they wish the restrictions to be, according to a newspaper.”

Source: David Cameron ‘Orders New Curbs On Internet Porn’

British Prime Minister To Announce Porn Blocking Plans

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Overly Critical Guy writes “British Prime Minister David Cameron will announce network-filtering plans targeted at porn websites, possibly requiring users to ‘opt-in’ with their ISP to access such content. The idea has support from MP Claire Perry, who said, ‘There is a “hands off our internet” movement that sees any change in how access is delivered as censorship.’”

Source: British Prime Minister To Announce Porn Blocking Plans

Running Great Britain? There’s an App For That!

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judgecorp writes “Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron will get a personalised iPad app to help him run the country. The ‘government dashboard’ will include health waiting list figures, crime statistics, economic statistics and a real-time news feed. Cameron is a committed Apple user — but British members of Parliament have only been allowed iPads in the House of Commons since March 2011.”

Source: Running Great Britain? There’s an App For That!

Will UK Prime Minister Get An iPad App For Work? Unlikely. Here’s Why.

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According to some press reports today the British Prime Minister, David Cameron is to get “his own personalised iPad app” to stay on top of Government business.

Cameron is known to use an iPad to read newspapers and catch up on media generally, but this report sounds just a little like a slow news week combined with some idle chatter over the Christmas party season amongst the Whitehall press gang and the ‘spads’ – insider shorthand for Special Advisers.

Exhibit A: Both reports in The Telegraph and The Times newspapers talk about “Programmers inside the Cabinet Office.” Now, anyone who knows anything about the Cabinet Office knows that there are precisely zero actual ‘programmers’ in the Cabinet office. A lot of advisers maybe, but not programmers.

Exhibit B: The planned app is said to include “real time” news information from Google and Twitter. Well, how can we put this? The best apps for those are the ones provided by those companies. Indeed, Twitter frowns on third party client apps, so one doubts this claim stands up.

Exhibit C: Evidence that Cameron users technology has been added to the reports as a way to indicate that he’d use an iPad app for official government business. This evidence includes the fact that he uses email and text messaging. No further comment…

Exhibit D: The app is “expected to be ready by March”. This is a pretty slow app development cycle.

Exhibit E: The app is said to contain the latest data on NHS waiting figures, crime stats, unemployment, etc. All freely available on current department web sites. No app is required for this. Meanwhile, any app that had confidential government briefing papers would have to pass massive security testing.

Exhibit F: Apparently the idea for the app was inspired by No 10 “advisers visiting the US”. The biggest advisor to do this was Steve Hilton, who took a widely reported trip to Silicon Valley a couple of years ago. Our sources on the matter: “Hilton demands such things on a regular basis.. and is politely ignored for the most part.”

So is this an actual app or simply a secure web page added to the home screen on an iPad? Because frankly that would take less time, cost less and also feed into the government’s own declared position on opening up government data.

As @simond (Whitehall’s first full-time website specialist ) put it: “Either way it would seem to be against current policy.” Why? because the Government’s own declared Data Strategy has come out against apps in principle as they are ‘proprietary by nature’.

Photo: The Conservative Party

Source: Will UK Prime Minister Get An iPad App For Work? Unlikely. Here’s Why.

The Ups and Downs of Being a Twitter Fraudster

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Social Networks

Barence writes “PC Pro has a feature examining the psychology and motivation of people who create fake or parody Twitter accounts. The feature reveals how people behind some of the most popular parodies — such as @MrsStephenFry — have gone on to earn commercial success, while others are altogether more sinister. The man behind @Lord_Credo managed to convince many that he was a personal adviser to British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and wormed his way into political circles. He allegedly conned some out of money, took advantage of the hospitality of others, and left the professional reputation of at least one ‘in tatters.’ He even fabricated a malignant brain tumor, leaving one young member of the group ‘utterly distraught.’”

Source: The Ups and Downs of Being a Twitter Fraudster

The UK Government’s Struggle With Digital Rights

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United Kingdom

With his first accepted submission, Ajehals sends this excerpt from a post by the UK Pirate Party: “… at every turn, the coalition has been exposed as having no coherent policy on digital rights. Nothing illustrates this better than its zig-zag course on Internet filtering and website blocking. … As if any further confirmation was needed that the government’s policy on digital rights, and freedom of speech is entirely made up on the fly, along came the riots and a classic knee-jerk reaction to the use of social media. … one of the few concrete parts of David Cameron’s statement to the recalled House of Commons was a full on attack on social media. It was carefully worded, but the thrust was that the Prime Minister thought further action is necessary to combat the ‘ill’ done by status updates. At this point things took a turn for the authoritarian, with MP Louise Mensch saying it was ‘acceptable to shut Twitter and Facebook off for an hour or two.’ … Worse still, it has been recently revealed that the Government actually asked Ofcom to make Digital Economy Act appeals harder. It also wants to rule out a public consultation – once again trying to do deals away from the public eye. I suspect it is actually this fear of the power technology can give us to hold our representatives to account that drives alarm about the Internet in the corridors of power.”

Source: The UK Government’s Struggle With Digital Rights

China Praises UK Internet Censorship Plan

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mormop writes “The Chinese government has praised UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan for censoring social networking sites at times when the government feels threatened, believing it legitimizes China own behavior. Quoting Chinese state media website Global Times: ‘Britain’s new attitude will help appease the quarrels between East and West over the future management of the Internet. As for China, advocates of an unlimited development of the Internet should think twice about their original ideas.’”

Source: China Praises UK Internet Censorship Plan

UK To Shut Down Social Networks?

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Social Networks

Stoobalou writes “In a move worthy of China’s communist regime, UK PM David Cameron wants to shut down social networks whenever civil unrest rears its head in Britain’s towns and cities. Speaking in the House of Commons, Cameron said, ‘Everyone watching these horrific actions will be struck by how they were, organised via social media. Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill. So we are working with the police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.’” So far I haven’t heard anyone blame the Rock ‘n Roll music, but if social networks aren’t a good enough culprit, you could also try blaming video games.

Source: UK To Shut Down Social Networks?

News Corp. Subsidiary Under Fire For Hacking Dead Girl’s Voicemail

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Hugh Pickens writes “Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. came under pressure from UK Prime Minister David Cameron to respond to ‘really appalling’ allegations that its News of the World tabloid hacked into the voicemail of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The tabloid printed a story based on a voicemail left on Dowler’s mobile phone on April 14, 2002, when she had been missing from her home in Surrey, southwest of London, for more than three weeks. According to a Guardian newspaper report, a private detective working for the tabloid gained access to Milly Dowler’s phone messages after she was abducted in March 2002 and the detective, Glenn Mulcaire, is alleged to have deleted voicemail messages on Dowler’s phone, giving her parents ‘false hope’ she might still be alive and thereby complicating the police investigation. According to one source, when her friends and family discovered that her voicemail had been cleared, they concluded that this must have been done by Dowler herself and, therefore, that she must still be alive.”

Source: News Corp. Subsidiary Under Fire For Hacking Dead Girl’s Voicemail