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48 Games Entered Into the Liberated Pixel Cup

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The Liberated Pixel Cup draws to a close. The deadline for code entries was July 31st, and those entries were posted online Thursday (with descriptions). You’ll have to wait longer than expected for the results though: “Note that due to the larget volume of entries (48 code entries alone, plus a large number of art entries), judging may take longer than we had originally thought. Our current time frame for judging is the end of August. We’ll keep people posted on our progress.” Good luck to all the entrants. Anyone see anything interesting in the submitted games?

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Liberated Pixel Cup: Art Entries Closed; Code Competition Begins

July 4th, 2012 07:02 admin View Comments

GNU is Not Unix

Nushio writes “Continuing with the Liberted Pixel Cup coverage: The Art Competition recently finished, and the code portion of the Liberated Pixel Cup has begun. There are some pretty awesome tilesets and assets available for Game Makers to use, and still plenty of time to make Free Software Games.” Entries are due by July 31st. Any Slashdot readers planning on giving it a shot?

Source: Liberated Pixel Cup: Art Entries Closed; Code Competition Begins

Liberated Pixel Cup Art Contest Launches

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GNU is Not Unix

Liberated Pixel Cup is an ambitious project backed by the FSF, Creative Commons. the Mozilla Foundation, and OpenGameArt to “program a bunch of free software games”; before the programming can get properly underway, though, they’re looking for art that the game logic can manipulate, and they’re using a contest to organize collecting it. Now, writes new submitter paroneayea, “Liberated Pixel Cup has announced that the art contest phase has just started. Several other bits have been announced as part of the post, including prize amounts, and a style guide, asset directory, and interactive demo section. Let the liberated pixeling commence!”

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World Cup Memo Written By Steve Jobs Going Up For Auction

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The Almighty Buck

New submitter Dega704 writes with an excerpt from El Reg: “Before Steve Jobs came up with the iPhone or even the Apple II, he designed paddles for ball-flipping games at Atari where the scruffy 19-year-old was employed to improve game design. Sotheby’s New York will auction off a document dating from Jobs’s time there: a 1974 report that Jobs wrote for his boss suggesting ways to improve arcade game World Cup. According to Jobs’ biography, his Atari days are most notable for his clashes with colleagues, who he considered to be ‘dumb shits’. He was made to work night shifts there partly because he was in a phase of refusing to wash and so he apparently smelt bad, causing complaints from his co-workers. But Jobs obviously did some work at Atari too, with the document laying out his ideas for improving player experience. The typed four-page document includes three circuit designs in pencil and additional designs for the paddles and alignment of players defending a soccer goal.”

Source: World Cup Memo Written By Steve Jobs Going Up For Auction

The Liberated Pixel Cup: a Game Making Contest From the CC, FSF, and OpenGameArt

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Lendrick writes, the Free Software Foundation, and the Creative Commons are teaming up to bring the Liberated Pixel Cup, a free-as-in-freedom game making contest starting on June 1st and going through July 31st. The contest will be divided into two phases: the first phase will be about adding on to a consistent set of art commissioned specially for the contest, and the second phase, starting on July 1st, will be about building games using the provided art.”

Source: The Liberated Pixel Cup: a Game Making Contest From the CC, FSF, and OpenGameArt

Microgravity Coffee Cup

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BuzzSkyline writes “Despite the fact that astronauts have been eating and drinking out of tubes for decades, it’s actually possible to drink from an open-top cup in space. Astronaut Don Pettit recently downlinked a video that shows him slurping coffee from a cup he kludged out of plastic sheet. It appears to work pretty much like a cup on Earth, even in freefall aboard the International Space Station, thanks to capillary action.”

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Facebook Announces 2nd Annual Hacker Cup

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Facebook Logo_150x150.jpgToday Facebook announced open registration for its second annual Hacker Cup, a competition for the best hacker.

Programmers from around the world will race to accurately solve algorithmic problems, advancing through five rounds of challenges. The winners will walk away with prizes. Only one programmer will take home the title of world champion and the Hacker Cup trophy.

The competition commences with a 72-hour online-only qualification round that starts on January 20, 2012 at 4pm PT. If a developer advances, he or she will move onto three more online rounds. The most grueling round is the first one, which will last 24 hours straight, beginning at 10am on January 28. Only the top 500 competitors will move on to round two, which lasts from 1-4pm PT on February 4. A total of 100 competitors will advance to round three, which lasts from 1-4pm PT on February 11.

The top 25 competitors who advance will receive an email. Facebook will fly them out to Menlo Park, California for the last round on March 17, 2012. Facebook promises to reimburse the finalist for a visa application fee and up to $100 USD if it was incurred while obtaining the visa. Facebook does not reimburse for passport-related expenses. Finalists will all receive cash and other prizes, but only one will win the Hacker Cup trophy. Here’s last year’s trophy.


Facebook held its first-ever Hacker Cup in 2011. First place went to Russian Coder Petr Mitrichev, who also won the Google Code Jam in 2006. Second-place when to Anh Tuan Mitrichev. The third place winner was Tiancheng Lou, a third-year PhD student whose research is focused in combinatorial algorithm design.

Developers, will you register for the 2012 Hacker Cup?

Source: Facebook Announces 2nd Annual Hacker Cup

Polly-math Parrots Add Sophisticated Reasoning to Their List of Clever Feats

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What’s the News: Parrots are even less bird-brained than previously thought, suggests a new study in the journal Biology Letters. In a series of tests, researchers have learned that some African grey parrots can use logical reasoning to uncover hidden food.

How the Heck:

  • Sandra Mikolasch and her colleagues at the University of Vienna in Austria trained seven African grey parrots to find treats stashed under cups. While the birds watched, Mikolasch placed food under one cup and left an adjacent cup empty—the parrots had to choose the correct cup to get their snacks.
  • After training the birds, Mikolasch hid a seed and a walnut under two separate cups in front of the on-looking parrots. In plain view, she removed one of the treats and allowed the birds to choose cups again. Three of the parrots were able to correctly pick the cup with food at least 70 percent of the time. If the birds were purely guessing, they would have chosen the correct cup roughly half of the time.
  • Mikolasch repeated the experiment with one alteration: she masked her movements behind an opaque screen. She removed one of the treats and showed it to the birds, then had the birds choose cups. By noting which snack was removed, one of the parrots, Awisa, was able to deduce which cup still had food in 23 of the 30 trials (about 77 percent). The other parrots chose more randomly. Mikolasch suspects that Awisa was successful because she’s the parrot equivalent of a “whiz kid.â€

What’s the Context:

  • By the age of 4, most children are able to “infer by exclusion.†In one of Mikolasch’s previous experiments, 18 out of 20 4-year-olds were able to complete the parrots’ tasks, Mikolasch told LiveScience.
  • Scientists previously thought that great apes (including humans) were the only animals capable of this type of logical reasoning.
  • The research adds to the growing body of work documenting how smart some bird species are. In 2005, scientists trained a grey parrot to understand the concept of zero, which humans grasp at age 3 or 4. The parrot, Alex, was part of a 30-year project to study parrot intelligence. By the time he died in 2007, Alex had a vocabulary of 150 words, which included base colors and numbers, and could ask for some objects by name (such as “bananas”).
  • More recently, researchers learned that New Caledonian crows, an especially smart species, and kea parrots are able to use tools to solve puzzles.

(via LiveScience)

Image: Flickr/Drew Avery

Source: Polly-math Parrots Add Sophisticated Reasoning to Their List of Clever Feats

Artificial Clouds To Cool Qatar World Cup Stadiums

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An anonymous reader writes “In anticipation of extreme heat during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, scientists and engineers at Qatar University have developed a solar-powered gas-filled cloud that will shade spectators and athletes from the intense sun. The $500,000 artificial clouds can be positioned over any of the stadiums in Qatar and can be maneuvered with a remote control from the ground to keep the passing sun off the field.”

Source: Artificial Clouds To Cool Qatar World Cup Stadiums

25 Billion Tweets Were Sent In 2010, And Not All Of Them Were About Bieber

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Twitter has just released their list of top trends on Twitter for 2010. Surprisingly, Justin Bieber did not dominate the list. Instead, the Gulf oil spill did. The service says that 25 billion tweets were sent in total in 2010.

Below, find the lists of the top overall trends following by the top trends for different categories:

1. Gulf Oil Spill
2. FIFA World Cup
3. Inception
4. Haiti Earthquake
5. Vuvuzela
6. Apple iPad
7. Google Android
8. Justin Bieber
9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
10. Pulpo Paul

News Events:
1. Gulf Oil Spill
2. Haiti Earthquake
3. Pakistan Floods
4. Koreas Conflict
5. Chilean Miners Rescue

1. Justin Bieber
2. Dilma Rouseff
3. Lady Gaga
4. Julian Assange
5. Mel Gibson

1. Inception
2. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
4. Despicable Me
5. Karate Kid

1. MTV Music Video Awards
2. Pretty Little Liars
3. True Blood
4. Walking Dead
5. Grammy Awards

1. Apple iPad
2. Google Android
3. Apple iOS
4. Apple iPhone
5. Call of Duty Black Ops

World Cup:
1. FIFA World Cup
2. Vuvuzela
3. Pulpo Paul
4. Dunga
5. Diego Maradona

1. Lebron James
2. Wimbledon
3. Manchester United
4. Brock Lesnar
5. Celtics

1. #rememberwhen
2. #slapyourself
3. #confessiontime (Hashtag started by Usher)
4. #thingsimiss
5. #ohjustlikeme

Source: 25 Billion Tweets Were Sent In 2010, And Not All Of Them Were About Bieber