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Google’s Vic Gundotra Recalls Steve Jobs’ “Icon Ambulance” Story

August 25th, 2011 08:15 admin View Comments

Steve Jobs Cover

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice-President of Engineering shares an interesting story of Steve Jobs’ on Google+, which highlights Steve Jobs attention for even the minutest details.

He recalls how he got a call from Steve Jobs on a Sunday in January 2008 to discuss an urgent issue.

Vic Gundotra writes:

“Hey Steve – this is Vic”, I said. “I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call earlier. I was in religious services, and the caller ID said unknown, so I didn’t pick up”. 

This is what Steve Jobs had to say to :

“I’ve been looking at the Google logo on the iPhone and I’m not happy with the icon. The second O in Google doesn’t have the right yellow gradient. It’s just wrong and I’m going to have Greg [Christie] fix it tomorrow. Is that okay with you?”

Steve Jobs later sent Gundotra an email with the subject line “Icon Ambulance”.

MacRumors reports that the Google icon being discussed was probably for Apple’s 2008 Macworld San Francisco keynote speech as seen below, where Steve Jobs introduced webclips and custom home screen icons for the iPhone, before the App Store was launched.

Gundotra ends his post with a tribute to Steve Jobs:

But in the end, when I think about leadership, passion and attention to detail, I think back to the call I received from Steve Jobs on a Sunday morning in January. It was a lesson I’ll never forget. CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday.

Thanks Gundotra for sharing!

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Source: Google’s Vic Gundotra Recalls Steve Jobs’ “Icon Ambulance” Story

Apple 1 Computer Sells For $210,700

November 24th, 2010 11:33 admin View Comments

digitaldc writes “An Apple computer purchased more than 30 years ago has sold for 425 times its original selling price. From the article: ‘An Apple-1, one of only about 200 such machines built in Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage, sold at Christie’s auction house in London today for 133,250 pounds (about $210,700). The Apple-1, which didn’t include a casing, power supply, keyboard, or monitor, originally retailed for $666.66 in 1976. Apple discontinued the model in 1977.’”

Source: Apple 1 Computer Sells For $210,700

Edward Tufte’s Library Up For Auction

November 13th, 2010 11:18 admin View Comments

px2 writes “I was poking around Christie’s auction house after taking a look at the Apple 1 when I came across this: Beautiful Evidence: The Library of Edward Tufte. He’s unloading everything from Galileo and Da Vinci firsts to a rotating Japanese astronomical text from 1801. I guess he didn’t conjure his ideas on information design from thin air.” Based on Christie’s estimates, the collection of 29 artifacts could fetch in excess of two and a quarter million dollars.

Source: Edward Tufte’s Library Up For Auction

Fight Begins To Secure Turing Papers For Bletchley Park Museum

November 13th, 2010 11:16 admin View Comments

Blacklaw writes “Auction house Christie’s is planning to sell offprints of Alan Turing’s early work for an estimated £500,000 — and the fight has begun to raise the money so UK codebreaking museum and charity Bletchley Park can house the documents in the building where Turing performed his war-winning work and birthed the concept of a modern ‘universal computer.’ If the money isn’t raised, the papers could disappear into a private archive, never to be seen again.”

Source: Fight Begins To Secure Turing Papers For Bletchley Park Museum

Old Apple 1 Up For Auction, Expected To Go For $160,000+

November 12th, 2010 11:56 admin View Comments

vanstinator was one of several readers to point out that Christie’s is holding an auction for one of the original Apple 1 machines, complete with a manual, the original shipping box, and the letter from Steve Jobs to the owner. The invoice says the computer was purchased on December 7th, 1976, with an Apple cassette interface card, for a total price of $741.66. The auction house expects it to sell for over $160,000.

Source: Old Apple 1 Up For Auction, Expected To Go For $160,000+

The Empire Strikes Back Vader Costume For Sale

October 27th, 2010 10:16 admin View Comments

Now is your chance to own an original Darth Vader costume from the best of the Star Wars movies. Christie’s auction house plans on putting it up for sale on Nov. 25 and it would be unwise to underestimate the value of this costume. From the article: “The jet-black helmet, mask and armor worn by the intergalactic villain are expected to sell for between 160,000 pounds and 230,000 pounds ($250,000 and $365,000) at a sale of pop culture memorabilia next month.”

Source: The Empire Strikes Back Vader Costume For Sale

Wikipedia Reveals Secret of ‘The Mousetrap’

September 1st, 2010 09:37 admin View Comments

Hugh Pickens writes “CIOL reports that Wikipedia has revealed the secret of Agatha Christie’s famous murder mystery ‘The Mousetrap’ by identifying the killer in the world’s longest running play, now at over 24,000 performances ever since its maiden performance in 1952, despite protests from the author’s family and petitions from fans who think the revelation is a spoiler. Angry at the revelation, Matthew Prichard, Christie’s grandson, who describes the decision of Wikipedia as ‘unfortunate,’ says he will raise the matter with the play’s producer, Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen. ‘My grandmother always got upset if the plots of her books or plays were revealed in reviews — and I don’t think this is any different. It’s a pity if a publication, if I can call it that, potentially spoils enjoyment for people who go to see the play.’ Unrepetant, Wikipedia justifies the decision to reveal the ending of the play. ‘Our purpose is to collect and report notable knowledge. It’s exceedingly easy to avoid knowing the identity of the murderer: just don’t read it.’”

Source: Wikipedia Reveals Secret of ‘The Mousetrap’