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US Security Classifications Needs Re-Thinking, Says Board

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coondoggie writes “The US government’s overly complicated way of classifying and declassifying information needs to be dumped and reinvented with the help of a huge technology injection if it is to keep from being buried under its own weight. That was one of the main conclusions of a government board tasked with making recommendations on exactly how the government should transform the current security classification system.”

Source: US Security Classifications Needs Re-Thinking, Says Board

With NCLB Waiver, Virginia Sorts Kids’ Scores By Race

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According to a story at Northwest Public Radio, the state of Virginia’s board of education has decided to institute different passing scores for standardized tests, based on the racial and cultural background of the students taking the test. Apparently the state has chosen to divide its student population into broad categories of black, white, Hispanic, and Asian — which takes painting with a rather broad brush, to put it mildly. From the article (there’s an audio version linked as well): “As part of Virginia’s waiver to opt out of mandates set out in the No Child Left Behind law, the state has created a controversial new set of education goals that are higher for white and Asian kids than for blacks, Latinos and students with disabilities. … Here’s what the Virginia state board of education actually did. It looked at students’ test scores in reading and math and then proposed new passing rates. In math it set an acceptable passing rate at 82 percent for Asian students, 68 percent for whites, 52 percent for Latinos, 45 percent for blacks and 33 percent for kids with disabilities.” (If officially determined group membership determines passing scores, why stop there?) Florida passed a similar measure last month.

Source: With NCLB Waiver, Virginia Sorts Kids’ Scores By Race

Ask Slashdot: How Would You Convince Someone To Give Up an Old System?

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First time accepted submitter Vanderhoth writes “I’m currently serving as a new member of a board for a not for profit organization. The board currently has a few other members, and a couple of vacant positions. One of the issues I’ve noticed since joining the board is the method in which they conduct business is very out of date. The member that maintains our web presences (Bob) has developed a system over the last ten years to allow us to store documents, such as agendas and minutes on a website server.

Some of the big issues are:

1.) The system is very disorganized, there are documents from the late 90′s that aren’t relevant, but have to be sifted through to find more current stuff.
2.) Often documents are not where they should be and are difficult to find.
3.) No one except Bob really knows how the system works.
4.) No one really wants to use the system because of the monster it’s become.

My concern is if Bob decided to leave the organization no one would be able to maintain the existing system and we would be scrambling to put something new in place. I feel, for what we want to do, Google Docs would be an excellent platform for collaborating and sharing documents. The other board members, except Bob, have agreed with me, but are worried that bringing the issues with the existing system may cause offense and ultimately cause Bob to leave. Other than being overly vested in a system he developed, Bob is an important part of our board and a very valuable member.

We’re already having a difficult time finding members to serve on the board so it’s very important that we don’t lose any existing board members. I’m hoping that I can convince the Bob to start supporting some Google docs objects on the site and try to wean him off his existing system to something a bit more manageable and collaborative that can be passed on to new members and maintained easily.

I don’t want this to turn into old dogs and new tricks. I’m not that far behind Bob in years and can appreciate the difficulty of being told it’s time to give in to something more modern. I’m wondering how the situation could be approached tactfully so maybe Bob will see how much easier a new system could be for everyone, including him.”

Source: Ask Slashdot: How Would You Convince Someone To Give Up an Old System?

HP Becomes a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation

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who_stole_my_kidneys writes in about how HP has gained a seat on the Linux Foundation’s board of directors. “Snagging a first-class upgrade might empty out the contents of your wallet, but be glad you’re not trying to buy your way to the Linux Foundation’s top table. With a strategic investment of $500,000, Hewlett Packard has just become a platinum member of the body, alongside companies like Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung. In exchange for all that cash, HP gets a seat on the Foundation’s board of directors and will have a say in how to advance the foundation’s aims — and hopefully give Open webOS a gentle push, too.”

Source: HP Becomes a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation

NASA Prepares For Space Surgery and Zero Gravity Blood

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Hugh Pickens writes “Draining an infected abscess is a straightforward procedure on Earth but on a spaceship travelling to the moon or Mars, it could kill everyone on board. Now Rebecca Rosen writes that if humans are to one day go to Mars, one logistical hurdle that will need to be overcome is what to do if one of the crew members has a medical emergency and needs surgery. ‘Based on statistical probability, there is a high likelihood of trauma or a medical emergency on a deep space mission,’ says Carnegie Mellon professor James Antaki. It’s not just a matter of whether you’ll have the expertise on board to carry out such a task: Surgery in zero gravity presents its own set of potentially deadly complications because in zero gravity, blood and bodily fluids will not just stay put, in the body where they belong but could contaminate the entire cabin, threatening everybody on board. This week, NASA is testing a device known as the Aqueous Immersion Surgical System (AISS) that could possibly make space surgery possible. Designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Louisville, AISS is a domed box that can fit over a wound. When filled with a sterile saline solution, a water-tight seal is created that prevents fluids from escaping. It can also be used to collect blood for possible reuse.”

Source: NASA Prepares For Space Surgery and Zero Gravity Blood

OpenStack Board Member Says Adding VMware Was a Mistake

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BButlerNWW writes “VMware is in OpenStack now, but not everyone thinks that’s such a good idea. One member of the newly created OpenStack Board of Directors says allowing VMware into the open source cloud project was a ‘huge mistake’ that could damage the project’s market perception. Boris Renski is co-founder of OpenStack integration consultancy Mirantis and he says every enterprise he’s worked with so far has been interested in OpenStack because they view it as an alternative to VMware. The board’s vote earlier this month has now muddled the differences, he says. ‘If OpenStack isn’t an alternative to VMware, then what the hell is it?’ Renski says.”

Source: OpenStack Board Member Says Adding VMware Was a Mistake

Raspberry Pi Revision 2.0 Board Announced

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An anonymous reader writes “The Raspberry Pi finally saw a release on February 29 this year and is thought to have sold 200,000 units, with a million expected to ship before the year is over. That’s a lot of tiny PCs, but it’s also been an opportunity for owners to feedback any problems or tweaks they’d like made to the board. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken the feedback on board and today announced a revised design is being put into production. The new Raspberry Pi, known as revision 2.0 PCB, is expected to start shipping in the next few weeks. The revision includes a number of changes, but is essentially the same board. To summarize it includes a new reset circuit, a replacement for the reset fuses allowing for more reliable USB hub power, two GPIO pin changes for JTAG debug support, four redundant GPIO signals have been removed, and a new connector has been added for attaching a range of boards including a clock or audio codec. Two of the more easily noticeable changes include a fix that stops the HDMI connection interfering with certain operations of the Raspberry Pi, and the addition of two 2.5mm mounting holes to allow for easier mounting.”

Source: Raspberry Pi Revision 2.0 Board Announced

Raspberry Pi Model A Makes First Appearance

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An anonymous reader writes “It’s easy to forget that the Raspberry Pi currently shipping is the more expensive model of the board. It is actually called the Model B as it sports more features than the $25 Model A. The main differences include a lack of an Ethernet port and the associated networking chip, as well as the presence of only being one USB port instead of two. There was originally going to be less memory on the Model A (128MB instead of 256MB), but the Raspberry Pi Foundation managed to make enough cost savings during a redesign to increase the amount to 256MB on the cheaper version. With all the focus being on the Model B, we haven’t actually seen the (near) final Model A board yet. But that changes today, as Eben Upton has just shown off the $25 board.”

Source: Raspberry Pi Model A Makes First Appearance

Japanese 13-Year-Old Arrested For Virus Creation

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An anonymous reader writes “Last year, Japan criminalized virus creation and just saving a virus on [one's] own computer. According to Yomiuri Shimbun, Kyoto police have arrested a 13-year-old (Japanese language original), second grade of junior high school student from Tokyo, for allegedly creating a computer shutdown virus and operating an exchange board of hackers. Kyoto police also arrested 23-year-old construction worker for allegedly teaching a how to make a virus on their board and saved a virus on his computer.”

Source: Japanese 13-Year-Old Arrested For Virus Creation

Facebook Names COO Sheryl Sandberg to Its Board of Directors (Finally)

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In a post on its newsroom blog, Facebook just announced that it has named long-time COO Sheryl Sandberg to its board of directors. Sandberg will be the eighth member of the board and its first female member to date. But what took so long?

Facebook has been criticized for a notable lack of racial and gender diversity on its all-male board. But even if the move intends to quiet those critical of the company’s record on diversity, Sandberg’s appointment is plenty well-deserved. 

In 2008, the Harvard graduate left her post as Google’s vice president of global online sales and operations to work at Facebook. Since joining the company, Sandberg has risen to become one of its most prominent figures, both in the public eye and when it comes to keeping the company’s gears turning. Sandberg is often cited as one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley and is widely credited with setting Zuckerberg’s nascent social media experiment on its current path to explosive growth – and to its initial public offering in May. Facebook stock closed at $32.06 on Monday after falling three percent.

Sandberg’s omission from the board was certainly puzzling, as is the timing of today’s announcement. In a 2010 TED Talk, Sandberg famously issued a rallying cry to women in business, encouraging them to ascend to the high-ranking positions where the gender imbalance is the most glaring. “The men are reaching for opportunities more than women,” Sandberg explained. “We’ve got to get women to sit at the table.” Sandberg also sits on Disney’s board of directors and served on the board of directors for Starbucks from 2009 to 2011.

According to Zuckerberg, “Sheryl has been my partner in running Facebook and has been central to our growth and success over the years. Her understanding of our mission and long-term opportunity, and her experience both at Facebook and on public company boards, makes her a natural fit for our board.” 

We’re happy to see Sandberg get her seat at the table.

Source: Facebook Names COO Sheryl Sandberg to Its Board of Directors (Finally)