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Why Verizon Doesn’t Want You To Buy an iPhone

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Hugh Pickens writes “Sascha Segan writes that although Verizon adamantly denies steering customers away from Apple’s iPhones in favor of 4G LTE-enabled Android devices, he is convinced that Verizon has a strong reason to push buyers away from the iPhone. ‘Here’s the problem,’ writes Segan. ‘Verizon has spent millions of dollars rolling out its massive LTE network’ but the carrier can’t easily add capacity on its old 3G network. Since the iPhone isn’t a 4G, phone sales of Verizon iPhones just crowd up their already busy 3G network while their 4G network has plenty of space. ‘The iPhone is a great device. But it’s making a crowded network more crowded. Until the LTE iPhone comes along, to rebalance its network, Verizon may quietly push Android phones.’”

Source: Why Verizon Doesn’t Want You To Buy an iPhone

AT&T Clarifies its Data Throttling Policy: 3GB for 3G Users, 5 GB for LTE

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att-logo150.jpgAT&T announced today a clarification to its data throttling policy for users on unlimited plans. Customers using AT&T’s 3G network will see their data speeds be cut after reaching 3 gigabytes. Users on the carrier’s 4G LTE network will see speeds throttled after 5GB. The changes to the policy are a reaction to backlash against the company after user speeds were greatly diminished after 2GB or so of use. AT&T’s throttling policy originally stated that it would reduce the speeds of the top 5% of users in a given area.

AT&T has come under some heat in recent weeks with the throttling policy. A California man won an $850 settlement in the Simi Valley small claims court, opening the door for thousands of similar court cases to be brought about the country. Several petitions on have been started to change the throttling policy, including one from Yoga instructor Jane Foody that has about 11,400 signatures since it was launched. See the statement from AT&T below and we will update this post with more comprehensive information as the day goes along.

Here is AT&T’s statement on the clarifications to its data throttling plan.

With mobile data usage continuing to skyrocket and the availability of spectrum scarce, AT&T, like other wireless companies, manages its network in the most fair way possible so that we can provide the best possible mobile broadband experience for all our customers.

How we’re managing the network only affects a small minority of the heaviest smartphone data users still on unlimited plans. Put another way, this does not impact more than 95 percent of our smartphone customers.

Our unlimited plan customers have told us they want more clarity around how the program works and what they can expect. Here’s what customers need to know:

  • Customers with a 3G or 4G smartphone – who also still have our unlimited data plan – will see speeds reduced if they use 3GB (gigabytes) of data or more in a billing cycle. Speeds will return to normal at the start of the next billing cycle. For context, less than 5 percent of smartphone customers use more than 3GB per month.
  • For customers with a 4G LTE smartphone – who also still have our unlimited data plan – data speeds will be reduced if usage is 5GB (gigabytes) or more in a billing cycle. Speeds will return to normal at the start of the next billing cycle.

Customers will get a text message from us before experiencing a change in speed.

That’s because data activity over Wi-Fi does not count against the threshold for unlimited customers that triggers reduced data speeds or against customers’ tiered data plans. Customers can find out more at


We have been conducting research and interviews on AT&T’s throttling of unlimited data plans and will have a comprehensive update to this post shortly.

Source: AT&T Clarifies its Data Throttling Policy: 3GB for 3G Users, 5 GB for LTE

Unlocked iPhones Working On T-Mobile USA’s 3G Network in Some Areas

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Top 10 Reader Comments of 2011

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Best of 2011Another year has come and gone, and it’s time to recap 2011 in all its glory. While most of our recaps will educate you, I hope this one, filled with the top comments from your peers, will inspire you (or at least make you giggle). So whether this list has you nodding your head or gnashing your teeth, we’re happy to have played a part in your life this year.

Of course, this list is subjective, so please let us know what you think about the voices we’ve chosen.

1. AT&T to Start Data Throttling, How Will It Affect Users?

In a July 29 post, Dan Rowinski reported that AT&T had announced plans to throttle the data speeds of users on their network who had exceeded the bandwidth thresholds the company had set on their 3G network. As you can imagine, many people commented passionately, but Chris Holt’s comment, below, was so popular as to be our top rated comment of 2011.

Chris Holt – “Is ‘bandwidth threshold’ the term AT&T uses? Bandwidth is a rate not a quantity. It’s like a cop pulling you over and telling you that you have used too many MPH this month.”

2. What Do Kids Say Is The Biggest Obstacle To Technology At School?

Way back on April 3, Audrey Watters wrote about the Speak Up 2010 survey, and the findings that children want to be able to bring their own device and to enjoy unfiltered access. With 43 comments, many weighed in, but Janet Abercrombie shared an experience that few could, and her comment was widely appreciated.

Janet Abercrombie – “In our new 1:1 program, we (teachers) are trying to differentiate behaviors that are a result of character and behaviors that are a result of the technology. Before computers, I could take away pencils from students who were drawing or I could ask them to produce a drawing that demonstrates understanding of the lesson.

One of the keys to successful student engagement is to build in formative assessments that continuously check student understanding. I find that, if students need to produce something by the end of class and/or engage in a Google doc or other discussion thread (where I can review the history and see who types what), 95% of my students will remain engaged in the lesson. Students who do not demonstrate master of the day’s objective get pulled into small groups for guided instruction the next day where the independent learners are given a more independent task.

My personal belief is that teacher PD should focus more on ways to differentiate instruction and implement formative assessments than about the navigation of hardware/software.”

3. ATDHE Seized: How Site Takedowns Are Ceremonial

On February 1, Mike Melanson reported on the take down of ATDHE, a site that lists video streams, many illegal, of nearly every televised sporting event. MDurwin’s comment was a passionate rebuttal to the act and through your upvotes, it’s clear that many of you agreed.

mdurwin – “My biggest concern here is why is Homeland Security acting as the bitch of media conglomerates? How is a site hosting video, legal, questionable, or blatantly illegal the responsibility of Homeland Security? aren’t they supposed to be hunting down terrorists? The CIA is not supposed to operate inside US borders, nor is the Military. The FBI and police are in charge of crime on American soil. So, which is Homeland Security? Pretty soon I expect they’ll be jailing 12 year olds who rip Justin Beiber CDs and email the mp3s to their friends!”

4. Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move

Earlier this year, on April 20, Audrey Watters detailed just how much your iPhone knows about you, including a look at the file “consolidated.db”. Jason Moffatt’s toungue-in-cheek comment must have made many of you smile. It comes in at #4 on our list.

Jason Moffatt – “Note to self. Get rid of cell phone before robbing that bank next week.”

5. Verizon Blocks Hotspot Tethering for Jailbroken Devices

On August 5, Dan Rowinski reported that the throttling announced by AT&T earlier had likely begun as at least one person was being blocked from Android tethering on a rooted device. milrtime83 argued that this was an unfair charge, due to double billing. Many of you agreed.

milrtime83 -” ‘The networks do not like consumers getting away with data for free.’

No, we are already paying for the data. They want people to pay for the same data twice.”

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4G LTE iPhone Launch Unlikely Until At Least Q3 2012

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New iPhone 5

It was widely expected that Apple won’t launch a 4G LTE iPhone this year, so it didn’t come as a surprise that iPhone 4S – Apple’s fifth generation iPhone unveiled at yesterday’s Let’s talk iPhone event didn’t support 4G LTE networks.

However, the lack of redesigned iPhone 5 and no 4G support seems to have raised expectations that Apple will launch a redesigned 4G LTE iPhone in the summer of 2012. The bad news is that it seems highly unlikely that Apple will be able to launch a 4G LTE iPhone before the third quarter of 2012.

Back in April, Will Strauss, President of wireless chip tracker Forward Concepts didn’t expect the appropriate 4G chipsets to arrive in time for the fifth generation iPhone. He had gone on to explain how Apple’s competitors have managed to launch smartphones with 4G support:

The only 4G handset on the market in the United States, Verizon’s Thunderbolt, currently relies on a pair of chips to work. One chip, from Samsung, communicates with Verizon’s 4G networks, allowing the handset to achieve blazing data speeds of between 5 and 20 MBPS. Another chip, from Qualcomm, lets the handset talk to Verizon’s 3G network.

That two chip solution is needed because Verizon’s 4G network isn’t widespread enough for the carriers to offer handsets that rely on 4G alone.

Strauss noted that Apple was looking for a solution where chips support 4G and 3G on a single chip so that the 4G LTE iPhone is as thin or thinner than iPhone 4 and it doesn’t consume too much battery life.

According to Strauss, chipmakers like Qualcomm, ST Ericcson and Intel were expected to launch the next generation chips that support 4G and 3G on a single chip towards the end of this year. But AnandTech reports that there has been a slower-than-expected transition to new 28-nanometer chip processes:

As you may have heard however, the move to 28nm at both TSMC and Global Foundries isn’t really going all that smoothly. The jump from 4x-nm to 28nm is a very big one, so it’s not unexpected to have pretty serious teething problems as the process ramps up. I suspect that an aggressive 28nm roadmap that didn’t pan out probably caught a lot of SoC and smartphone vendors in a position where they couldn’t ship what they wanted to in 2011.

AnandTech believes that Qualcomm’s MDM9615 modem is the ideal chip for Apple’s iPhone (especially since Qualcomm’s chip is probably used in iPhone 4S and also CDMA iPhone 4) and as you can see from the roadmap below, it is not scheduled to begin shipping until the second quarter of next year, which indicates that the earliest that the 4G LTE iPhone can be introduced is by the third quarter of 2012.

We also expect Apple to launch a new iPhone with at least a year’s gap, as anything sooner may not go down with with iPhone 4S users. So expect iPhone 6 (not iPhone 5 as it would be odd for the sixth generation iPhone) to be launched around the same time next year.

So if you were planning to skip buying or upgrading to iPhone 4S in the hope that Apple will launch a 4G LTE iPhone in June or July then you might want to reconsider you decision.

[via AnandTech]

Source: 4G LTE iPhone Launch Unlikely Until At Least Q3 2012

London Needs 70,000 Cells For 4G

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judgecorp writes “How many cells does it take to cover a city? In London’s case, it will take 70,000 cells by 2015 for the next-generation LTE network needed for 4G mobile broadband, according to a calculation from PicoChip. A shame that’s too late for 2012, when Mayor Boris Johnson warns that mobile data demands during the Olympics may overload the current 3G network”

Source: London Needs 70,000 Cells For 4G

iPhone N94 Prototype Back Cover Leaked – iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S?

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iPhone 5

Folks at have published photos, which they claim are images of the back cover of an iPhone N94 prototype. The part is also labeled “EVT 2″ (Engineering Verification Testing) and is dated June 7, 2011.

At this point of the time, it is not clear if iPhone N94 prototype is iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, which is rumored to be the cheaper version of iPhone 4 with 8GB storage that will be introduced along with the next generation iPhone or a modified version of iPhone 4 to test on T-Mobile’s network. 

MacPost reports:

The codename ‘N94′ marked on cover clearly indicates that it is a fifth-generation iPhone part. The front cover, however, is labeled “EVT2″ (Engineering Verification Testing) with date ’07-June-2011′, marking it as early development prototype.

According to some speculations, the N94 codename is meant for the next generation iPhone. To get some perspective, the GSM iPhone 4 is codenamed N90, while the CDMA iPhone 4 is codenamed N92.

References to N94 were first discovered in iOS 4.3 SDK, which also revealed that it would support Apple’s A5 chip that currently powers iPad 2. Back in April, folks at BGR had published a photo of an iPhone 4 prototype working on T-Mobile’s 3G network, which was also codenamed N94.

If N94 turns out to be the next generation iPhone then it would mean that iPhone 5 won’t be a completely redesigned iPhone as the purported iPhone 5 case designs had suggested.

Would you upgrade or buy iPhone 5 if it is largely similar to iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments.

[MacPost via MacRumors]

Source: iPhone N94 Prototype Back Cover Leaked – iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S?

AT&T To Start Data Throttling Heaviest Users

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greymond writes “AT&T has announced that starting on Oct. 1 it will throttle the data speeds of users with unlimited data plans who exceed bandwidth thresholds on its 3G network. AT&T is following in the tracks Verizon and Virgin Mobile in reducing data throughput speeds of its heaviest mobile data users.”

Source: AT&T To Start Data Throttling Heaviest Users

Leaked Photo Of China Mobile iPhone 4 Prototype?

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iPhone 4 - China Mobile

Folks at – a Chinese website has published a photo, which appears to be an iPhone 4 running on China Mobile’s 3G network.

China Mobile, the country’s biggest mobile carrier, was earlier in talks with Apple to bring a TD-SCDMA version of the iPhone to China. TD-SCDMA is the Chinese 3G standard that is used by China Mobile. 

However, the TD-SCDMA version of the iPhone never arrived. Apple instead launched the iPhone in China with China Unicom as the official carrier partner.

Mac Rumors reports:

In the picture, we can see the China Mobile 3G logo in the upper right corner. The third number down, which is partially blacked out, is part of the serial number. The third digit, a 0, suggests the phone was made in 2010. The next digit, which appears to be a 5, would have the phone manufactured towards the end of that year, in either the 50th, 51st or 52nd week.

Additionally, the carrier name in the top left corner appears to be China Mobile, written in Chinese text. None of this is conclusive, but it does suggest a China Mobile compatible iPhone is coming to CM’s 3G network sooner rather than later.

Back in May, China Mobile’s Chairman Wang Jianzhou had revealed that they are working with Apple to ensure that future iPhones can support their fourth-generation 4G TD-LTE technology. Since China Mobile plans to start commercial trials of the 4G technology or TD-LTE only from early next year, the chances of a 4G TD-LTE iPhone this year seem to be highly unlikely.

But the chance of iPhone 5 supporting China Mobile’s proprietary 3G network is quite possible, especially if Apple wants to tap China Mobile’s 600 million subscribers, which constitutes 70% of the China’s mobile phone market.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

[MyDrivers via Mac Rumors]

Source: Leaked Photo Of China Mobile iPhone 4 Prototype?

Social Addicts Rejoice! HTC ChaCha Facebook Phone Headed For AT&T

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Have you ever excused yourself from a real-life interpersonal conversation to play Farmville? Do you update “what’s on your mind” more often than you eat? Do you scour the social network religiously for signs your ex-girlfriend is “in a relationship?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s possible that you have a Facebook addiction. Luckily, HTC has created a way to keep you hooked on the ‘book, instead of ween you off of it: the HTC ChaCha, photos of which have surfaced with an AT&T logo emblazoned across the front.

You might remember hearing about the ChaCha back in February, when it was announced alongside the Salsa at MWC. For those who don’t, the perhaps poorly named HTC ChaCha boasts less-than-impressive specs but gets points for originality due to its dedicated Facebook button. Basically, anytime the user taps the Facebook button, the last thing he or she viewed is automatically incorporated into a status update, whether it be a song, a picture, or a link to a web site.

In terms of specs, the Android-powered ChaCha sports a 2.6-inch 480×320 display, runs a 800 MHz processor, and has a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash and a VGA front-facing camera for video chat. It comes with support for a microSD card, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0, and will most likely run on AT&T’s 3G network, if this leaked photo is meant to be any type of indicator.

We’ve yet to receive word from AT&T and HTC about official availability and pricing, with unconfirmed reports suggesting the phone will launch by the end of this quarter. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice that the date displayed on the phone in the leaked picture reads July 17, which could also be a clue about the ChaCha’s release.

[via PocketNow]

Source: Social Addicts Rejoice! HTC ChaCha Facebook Phone Headed For AT&T