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Librarian Attacks Amazon’s Kindle Lending Program

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destinyland writes “A California librarian is urging librarians to complain to Amazon over issues with privacy and advertising in Amazon’s new Kindle ebook lending program for libraries. ‘In our greedy attempt to get content into our users’ hands, we have failed to uphold the highest principle of our profession, which is intellectual freedom,’ she argues in a 10-minute video. (Read the transcript here). Amazon keeps your history of reading library ebooks on their corporate servers, ‘so it’s an instant violation of all of our privacy policies. And we haven’t told people that, and we need to tell people that.’ And while many libraries have strict policies against endorsing a particular product, the check-out process concludes on Amazon.com with a pitch urging library patrons to purchase more Amazon books — and there’s even book-buying plugs in their ‘due date’ reminders.”

Source: Librarian Attacks Amazon’s Kindle Lending Program

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