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Bringing Open Source To Biomedicine

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waderoush writes “‘Facebook and Twitter may have proven that humans have a deep-seated desire for sharing, [but] this impulse is still widely suppressed in biomedicine,’ biotech reporter Luke Timmerman observes in this column on Sage Bionetworks founder Stephen Friend. Friend is working to convince drugmakers and academic researchers to pool their experimental genomic data in a shared database called the Sage Commons. The database could be used to track adverse drug events, or to ‘visually display network models of disease that connect the dots between genes, proteins, and clinical manifestations of disease in ways that [scientific] journals are not equipped to handle,’ Timmerman says. Researchers from Stanford, Columbia, UCSF, and UCSD are already contributing to the Sage Commons, and Friend is now calling for a community effort by drugmakers, academic scientists, doctors, regulators, insurers, and patients to ‘grab this platform and run with it on their own.”

Source: Bringing Open Source To Biomedicine

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