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Twitter And Mediasift Announce Partnership

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Twitter and realtime data curation service Mediasift have just announced a data resell partnership here at the Data 2.0 Conference at the Mission Bay Data 2.0 Conference.

Founder Nick Halstead used to run Tweetmeme, but expanded the platform to all realtime data at TechCrunch Disrupt in September. Datasift’s platform provides developers with alerts, analytics and a realtime API through a drag and drop graphical interface.

Datasift’s bread and butter is being able to drill down on data, for example mentions on Starbucks on Twitter with a positive sentiment or Foursquare checkins from people with a certain Klout score.

Sarver told developers to stop focusing on building Twitter clients a while back and to focus on data and different niche verticals. Looks like Datasift has complied.


Source: Twitter And Mediasift Announce Partnership

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