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Safari/MacBook First To Fall At Pwn2Own 2011

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recoiledsnake writes “A team of security researchers from the French pen-testing firm VUPEN successfully exploited a zero-day flaw in Apple’s Safari browser to win this year’s Pwn2Own hacker challenge. The hijacked machine was running a fully patched version of Mac OS X (64-bit). Bekrar’s winning exploit did not even crash the browser after exploitation. Within five seconds of surfing to the rigged site, he successfully launched the calculator app and wrote a file on the disk without crashing the browser. Apple has just released Safari 5.0.4 and iOS 4.3 a few minutes before the Pwn2Own contest in an attempt to save face(Chrome and Safari also released last minute patches) but failed.”

Source: Safari/MacBook First To Fall At Pwn2Own 2011

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