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Mideast Turmoil and the Push For Clean Energy

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “Adam Werbach writes that in July 2008 oil prices reached $147 a barrel and suddenly energy prices and alternative energy was on everyone’s agenda but soon oil prices fell as the economy faltered and people moved on to the more immediate concerns of keeping their jobs and businesses alive. Now with the possibility looming of $200 a barrel oil, the US has a robust field of clean energy technologies that are slowly coming online, from thinfilm solar to fuel cells to cellulosic ethanol — unlike 2008, when it seemed like we were starting our innovation engine from a cold start. ‘In the last three years, as oil prices have softened, we’ve seen stumbles as companies like Applied Materials pulled back from the clean energy space because of operational and market conditions,’ writes Werbach. ’2012 will be a rich year for equity capitalizations, giving energy entrepreneurs the capital they need to build infrastructure. Even with the draconian austerity measures that are coming into effect across the country, this is a second opportunity for energy innovation.’”

Source: Mideast Turmoil and the Push For Clean Energy

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