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Sex Diaries of an Ogg Frog Developer

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Usually when somebody dies, friends and family join together to mourn the loss of a loved one, each participant wanting to give someone who was important to them in life the appropriate send-off into death. Such was not the case when Michael Crawford died in his middle age, leaving behind only a trail of unfulfilled dreams and a bitter ex-wife. As his next-of-kin, Bonita felt obliged to clean out his apartment. She spent the better part of the morning shifting dusty old boxes around and cleaning up various detritus. Most of the boxes contained stacks upon stacks of free CDs, the kind that Crawford would give out to anyone who would take them. He fancied himself an artist, though he was never able to convince anyone to pay him for his work.

Source: Sex Diaries of an Ogg Frog Developer

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