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Eye-Tracking & User-Testing Made Easy with YouEye

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youeye150.jpgUser testing with eye-tracking software can be an expensive undertaking. But a start-up on stage today at LAUNCH may offer a way to simplify that process – both in terms of cost, testers, and technology.

YouEye uses a webcam to record users’ behavior on a website. Eye-tracking can point to the areas on your site where users are drawn and those that they ignore. By using an online, web-based and webcam solution, the service means that you can avoid complex eye-tracking cameras, and in turn, recruit testers without requiring they own specific equipment.

YouEye allows you to easily set up the tests and collect and share the results. The testing includes not just eye movements, but also the mouse activity and audio recorded. You can watch the test results, listen to testers’ running commentary, and “see what users see.”

YouEye runs on a subscription model, based on the number of tests and testers. The startup is in beta, but you can sign up on the site for access.


Source: Eye-Tracking & User-Testing Made Easy with YouEye

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