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Is Setting Up an Offshore IT Help Desk Ethical?

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theodp writes “Except for a few odd jobs,’ wrote an advice seeker to The Ethicist (NYT, reg. may be required), ‘I had been out of work for nine months when I was offered a job setting up an [IT] offshore help desk. Would it be ethical to accept the offer?’ Randy Cohen, who pens The Ethicist column for the Times, not only advised the job seeker that it was indeed okay to help co-workers lose their jobs, but also seemed to suggest that it would be unethical for him not to offshore the jobs, saying: ‘Some people feel we have a greater ethical duty to those closest to us — our neighbors — but in an era of global trade and travel, that is a recipe for tribalism and its attendant ills.’ The job seeker, who noted his father’s auto-industry job was outsourced, chose to ignore Cohen’s ethics advice — as well as his own wife’s — and declined the job out of principle. He continues to seek work. Comments?”

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