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AT&T Sued For Systematic iPhone Overbilling

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “UPI reports that AT&T is facing a lawsuit that says AT&T routinely bills for 7 percent to 14 percent more data transactions than normally take place, which could blossom into a costly class-action case. Court papers claim that attorneys set up a test account for an iPhone, then closed all of its apps and left the device unused for 10 days. AT&T still billed the account for 2,292 KB of usage. ‘A significant portion of the data revenues were inflated by AT&T’s rigged billing system for data transactions,’ say court papers filed on behalf of AT&T customer Patrick Hendricks. ‘This is like the rigged gas pump charging you when you never even pulled your car into the station.’ Attorneys say they would file to have the case moved to class-action status, which makes the outcome relevant to all of AT&T’s iPhone accounts.”

Source: AT&T Sued For Systematic iPhone Overbilling

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