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Google Instant Previews Coming To iPhone And iPod Touch

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Google Instant Preview

We’re sure you might have come across Google’s “Instant Previews†feature on the desktop version of the search engine. This feature basically offers users a preview of the website listed in the search results without them having to actually click and open it. Quite helpful when you are in a hurry and do not wish to open multiple pages. The feature was available only on full-fledged browsers and not on mobile browsers.

But folks at 9 to 5 Mac are reporting that Google is enabling the feature on Mobile Safari browser for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

In case of the iPhone, users will see a small magnifying glass icon next to each search result – similar to the one seen on the desktop version and as seen in the screenshot below. All the user needs to do is to tap on this icon to see a pop up preview of the website. Users can flick through the previews – quite similar to the way one can flick through browser tabs in Mobile Safari, which is quite neat.

If you don’t see the instant previews while using Google search on your iPhone or iPod Touch, fret not! – as Google hasn’t rolled out this functionality to all users. Also pertinent to note is that Google is yet to officially announce this feature in their usual blog post. So we can presume the current roll out to be just a test run of sorts.

Google has been regularly tweaking Google search for mobile to improve the user experience by bringing some of the new features that it has recently rolled out for the desktop version. The beta version of Google Instant for iPhone and iPod Touch was rolled out couple of months back.

Do you think enabling the Instant Preview feature for mobile devices like iPhone is a good idea? If you already see this feature on your iPhone, then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[Via 9 To 5 Mac]

Source: Google Instant Previews Coming To iPhone And iPod Touch

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