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Golden Gate Bridge To Eliminate Tollbooths

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Hugh Pickens writes writes “The San Francisco Chronicle reports that tollbooths and toll collectors, a fixture at the Golden Gate Bridge since it opened in 1937, will be eliminated starting in 2012 as the bridge moves to an all-electronic system, cutting 34 jobs and saving $19.2 million over the first eight years. The bridge will move to a toll collection strategy that combines the existing FasTrak system with one that photographs the license plates of cars going through the toll plaza and mails a bill to the registered owners. Other structures and bridges have successfully gone to all-electronic tolls, including the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia and the Leeville Bridge in Louisiana, but not everyone is happy with the change. ‘This is a world-famous bridge, and you need a human face,’ says Philip Hynes. ‘You need people in those toll booths to greet people.’”

Source: Golden Gate Bridge To Eliminate Tollbooths

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