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EFL 1.0 Is Finally Released

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Lisandro writes “The Enlightenment crew has finally released the first version of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, which the E17 desktop is built on.” Adds reader mu22le: “Among the Enlightenment libraries hitting version 1.0 are Eina (core data structure), Eet (data encode/decode and storage), Evas (canvas and scenegraph rendering ), Ecore (core mainloop, display abstraction and utility), Embryo (small virtual machine and compiler), Edie (GUI layout and animation), E_Dbus, Efreet (handling of freedesktop.org standards), and Eeze (udev wrapping).” Getting it right can take a while — a preview of the EFL libraries first appeared in 2004. Enlightenment has never stopped looking cool.

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